Thursday, February 19, 2015

In Which the Author Beeps Horn, Throws A Book At You, Drives Off

So, I'll update personal junk later, as there is stuff to report but I don't have it coherently formatted in blog form yet.

Instead, here's what I want to show you now: NEW translation of Le Brick (aka the original Les Misérables) coming out from Penguin Classics books! With a new cover. By awesome artist Jilian Tamaki.

Here's the link for the preorder, since you'll probably want one, as you can never have enough translations can you

What makes this so dang awesome as opposed to every other cover of every other translation? I mean you can't even see Javert anywhere on it (at least I can't) but...

Look at the spine.


photo c. Jilian Tamaki, from her Twitter feed @dirtbagg

Do you know what that is? Besides a barricade I mean.

It's hair. And teeth.

To quote from one of my favoritest adaptions of Les Mis ever, also known as The South Park Movie: "Holy shit, dude."

Okay, back to everything else. We'll talk later.