Saturday, September 21, 2013

Update: In Which The Author Says It's Here, It's Here!

The cover to Pont-au-Change Volume 4: Honor. Thanks to Mirielle Sillander for the awesome work!

Click on the book cover, it will take you to the download page!

In Which The Author Says One Day More

Good news and not as good news. Good news is that tomorrow, fingers crossed, Honor goes live. Yep.

Not so good news: it's only the first half.

Good news part deux: half the book is still over 100k words. So it's book sized, just not the full piece.

Let me explain. No, that would take too long, let me sum up:

Honor is 90% finished. It will be done by the end of the year. But. I am in a financial bind of scary proportions. So I need to sell copies of book to build up some bank. I won't get it now, but I will get it next month with my royalty check.

That's the other reason for speed: the royalties are paid quarterly and the quarter closes September 30 to pay out the first week of November. That's why I need to be selling them now; books that sell after October 1 will not pay me until February and I can't wait that long. But I sure don't want to put the book out for sale when the last part of the book is still in draft condition and there's no way it will be ready in a day or so. Unless you want to read ugly. I sure don't want to sell ugly. It's been too long working on this thing, I'd rather release something I'm proud of.

So: here's how it works. The first half of Honor is posting to Smashwords tomorrow (Sunday). It will be offered at $2.50 each, which is a little over half the price of what it will be when it's done (it's a big book, like I said). I set the price at $2.50 because Smashwords will take a percentage but I should make around $2 of each sale that way.

If you buy the first half at the half price and download it, the way it works is that if the book is updated, you can redownload the newer versions--once you buy the book, the price covers all the updates also. So when Honor's second half is updated you will be able to download the rest of the book and pay no more to do it.

In short, early purchasers will get it for about half price, I will get the money earlier when I need it (I wish it would come in even earlier than that but at least I'll be able to know how much is coming in and budget accordingly). If you wait until the book's done you will pay full price. And again, the half that's done is about the same size as a standard sized genre novel, so you're not getting shorted at all.

So, that's what's going on and what I'm doing. Any sales between now and Sept 30 will benefit me greatly and help insure that I keep a roof over my head while I get the rest of it finalized. Literally. The situation is that bad. Rest assured that sometime by the end of the year I'll be able to explain the situation.

NOTE: If you were one of the donors last year and want to get your free downloads, please wait until the full book is available, as I'll be able to provide the free book code at that time. On the other hand if you want to chip in $2.50 anyway as a donation I won't turn it down and you can read the first half earlier.

If you frequent fan forums or anywhere else that fans of the original gather, any signal boosting you can do would help me immensely. 

I know it seems like I just got through one bad spell and have fallen into another one. Believe me, it seems like that to me too. This is not the way to live, but you know what they say about it beating the alternative, you know?

See you tomorrow.

Monday, September 2, 2013

in Which The Author Pops In, Says S'up


Yeah I didn't update the site in August. August is not a good month for me, personally. It's pretty much a landmine of anniversaries and remembrances I don't want to deal with so I tend to just lay low, set the engine to idle, and hunker down till it's over. Consider yourselves having been spared the angst. But now it's September, and you know what that means! (and now you've filled in the blank from "Look Down"* and will have it in your head all day, you're very welcome)

Book status update: I have one and a half sections left to proof/edit for Honor. That's the good news. The bad news is they're the last part of the book and you know that's where all that denoument stuff is supposed to happen so, it's complicated. However, it is being worked on as we speak. All I know is that it's Almost Done.

So, watch this space. When it goes live, news will be posted here. This is the turning point book, which is why it's been the hardest. Some characters we know and like (mine and Hugo's) are not graduating into the next one. Choices will be made, and consequences suffered because of them. Mmm, consequences.

Speaking of which, allow me to now put my flat little lecture cap on, lean over my desk, and push my glasses up the bridge of my nose at you. Allow me also to hide it behind a cut because yeah, it's t to the l.