Sunday, June 30, 2013

UPDATED: In Which The Author Apologizes for Another Delay

UPDATE: The check taketh, the check giveth back. Apparently after I was told about the additional health insurance cost, what the payroll person did NOT tell me was that I was also getting a 2% cost of living increase. 2% does not seem like much but it should offset most of the additional insurance, so, my budget readjusts once more. Nice of her to tell me this, huh. Anyway, what this means is that debt gets paid off with no further inconvenience to my living expenses and, when I get the Q2 royalties sometime toward the end of the month, I can use part of that to get Honor's cover done and the book into the e-book store. So, bit of a silver lining. I'll take it!

I can't catch a break, can I.

I'm going through the second to last draft, just one more round; I have beta reader plowing (slogging) through the morass. If I really stretched myself in a writerly way I'd be making my self imposed July 20 upload for book 4.


I am once again in a financial bind. My razor thin budget just got annihilated by a $20 increase per paycheck of my health insurance. That's $40 per month. Which means I can't pay the cover artist the $40 to make the next book cover (and no, my Photoshop Fu is not up to the challenge. I have none. I can't even find the fricking dojo, so yeah). It costs nothing to put the book up on Smashwords but I'm not about to put up a half assed coverless book and ask people to pay me for that, so.

What happened, you ask? Short story short was I got hit with an unexpected bill that I had been told I wouldn't owe and had made arrangements to pay it off one way (slowly) that then got changed on me at the last minute so now I have to pay it back, quickly. Combined with the loss of income on the insurance side, I now have negative discretionary spending allowance. This includes being unable to afford the meds that keep me mostly cough free. Which further means that publishing the book in the next couple of months becomes a luxury that I absolutely cannot afford. Yeah I could point at the Paypal donation button but I've already done so much asking and I'm still paying back/off things that were promised/paid for during the spring. I am all out of ask.

I'm sorry for the continued delay. Hopefully I can use the extra time to get one more good polish on the manuscript, but frankly financial BS ups the depression which kills the writing drive, and coupled with no meds? Yeah, not promising. Still we shall cross our fingers, toes, and eyes, and we shall see. I just want this book out of my head and finally out for sale so I can move on. But the fates hate me and that's okay, I think they suck too.

Monday, June 10, 2013

In Which the Author posts another thing from someone else (Les Mis movie related)

Because reasons. Well specifically the past few days I've been rib-crackingly sick (worst coughing ever, and coming from me that's something) and haven't had much luck finding something from the book I thought deserved to be posted.

Which is ironic because this is probably the laugh out loud funniest thing ever. Especially at time marker 4:42. Also 5:39. And the very very end. Seriously. If I were going to review the movie it would be hard not to crib this entire thing.


ps yes still working on Honor. Yes still planning on a July 20th e-book release. Also planning one more thing but I'm not telling because JINX.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Which the Author posits a quick question

I have had a report from someone that the site will not let them join, and another that even though they are signed up for alerts when new posts are made, they are not getting the alerts. Is there anyone else having a problem with joining, or notifications, or anything else?

I have been contemplating moving this and the whole nine yards over to a Wordpress account. This may be the hat that goes over the fence, if this is the case. Nevertheless, feel free to drop a comment if you're also being blog-blocked.

Yes I am still posting something tomorrow. Haven't decided what yet. Probably will be minor characters, although... there's this one bit with You Know and Who that might be pretty fun, even if it is still in first draft form. Hm.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

In Which the Author wishes everyone a Happy June

We are a week away from barricade day and things are starting to move here at Book Central.

Ever think you're a kite that's being held down to reality by the rock of friendship only to discover when you cut the tie that the kite is a lie they told you to keep you down, and you're really a muthafuckin ZEPPELIN?

*or airship, if you prefer

That's been me lately. I am the Graf Zeppelene! 

I mean, sure, I may be full of hot air and explode now and then but I am a grand majestic balloon capable of propelling myself across continents, not a flimsy paper construct that requires constant ground control.

Especially when that control consists of things like telling you how fat you are in one sentence and they buying you cheap ass dollar store chocolate in the next.

Or when you are broke and destitute "generously" giving them half a bag of stale pretzels and then getting pissy when they turn you down because first of all you don't eat pretzels to begin with and second of all are you fucking kidding me?

Or dragging your ass all over London and Brighton at breakneck speed and then getting huffy when the person you're with can't keep up. Instead of, you know, walking WITH someone.

Or at a convention in Canada, where the hotel and the con are a mile apart, and then announcing afterwards that "for your own good" you're not allowed to go to conventions anymore if you can't keep up.

Little stuff like that.

It's amazing how clear you can see stuff like this once you're outside it.

Needless to say with the drama llamas crowding around I didn't get much writing done this last month. That's okay too. I've been saving it up to now. It's been stewing in my head for months. It's ready to start pouring onto the page.

I will keep posting excerpts here on the blog while I'm working, both to keep you all amused and me working. Goal has been set for July 20 (Javert's birthday). Oh that reminds me, I was going to put up the math I did for figuring out Valjean's birthday relative to Javert's. I will go look for that.

I will put something up next Friday for the anniversary. Something that has not been posted before.

Beta readers, still interested? Message me. I will soon have work for you, if you still want it.

Happy June indeed. Now if you'll excuse me, this bag of wind is going to take a spin around her book.

ZOOM putt putt putt putt putt putt