Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Which the Author makes a bigger announcement

Okay, secrecy veil lifted! Here's what's been going on:

You all know that I was having a bad time this past year with no job and no prospects. Then I moved to another state to go live with my ex roommate, who promptly bailed on me within a month leaving me broke, jobless, AND alone, AND in goddam Phoenix.* I sold as much of my collectibles as would sell to keep afloat but had run out of sellable things and was looking at eviction. Then some kind people put up notices on their own sites/blogs and a donation drive came in and saved me at least from immediate oblivion. But still, the long term solution was eluding me.

What happened next was literally life changing, if not life saving.

This guy wrote in, we'll call him M. Madeleine.** He donated some money and said "hey, if you need a job I can always hire you to sort beads in this factory I have in Montreuil-sur-Mer." and I said "um, yeah, I'd love to, but that's all the way across the country, I'm stuck in Toulon" And he said, "What if I pay to move you out here?" and I went "ookay," in the way you go "ookay" when weird internet things crop up and you back away slowly from the keyboard and then RUN.


He repeated the offer and was serious, and as we knew people in common I did some background checking, and they told me straight up that the dude is the real deal, and the offer was totes legit. And I finally just said, "I'm crazy enough to accept this."

Let me put it this way (and I did, to several concerned parties, who all laughed and nodded agreement): This wizard knocked on my door and asked me if I'd like to go on an adventure with some dwarves. Could I leave the safety of my hobbit hole, dank and decrepit though it be, to go out into the great big unknown?

Oh hell yes. Sign me up and issue me a pony.

The last month has been dealing with the hoops to jump through, background checks, emails back and forth, etc. They're moving my stuff out there. They're flying me (and the cat!) out. Apartment has been set up and downpaymented, I just have to pay rent when I get there (why hello there Mr. Tax Refund check, so nice of you to finally join us, we have a new assignment for you). I have a job guaranteed for a year, and if I like it, longer. But I wanted to wait till everything was crossed and dotted and accented and umlauted before I went ahead and posted the big explanation.

So here's where it stands. Tomorrow this computer and everything gets loaded on to a truck headed eastward. On Thursday I, and the cat, fly out overnight, to be met by new employers and settled into new apartment. New job starts almost immediately. New home, new job, new atmosphere, new people. I'm still available over on Twitter in the meantime. I should have some computer access before this one arrives so I'll be able to keep posted.

But yeah, it's been incredible. De Profundis indeed.

And this book may get done on time after all. I'll probably miss the April Nano, clearly, but I may participate inasmuch as the whole writing deadline prompt thingy.

Also, note to the people who are still expecting things to get mailed, yes they're still here. Would it be okay if I waited till after the move to send them? Just message me either way. Thanks.

Okay, time to strike the set and pick it up. Next stop: Richmond, Virginia!

oh wait. *looks at map* hey that's very close to Norfolk, isn't it? Isn't that where Thénardier.... AAAAAAAAAGH


*my mother once said to me "DON'T move to Phoenix" when I was considering it several years back (she lived in Arizona in the 1950's and it was a bad time for her in a lot of ways). Remember, kids, listen to your mother, even if she's not around anymore to say it again. Seriously, y'all.

**bear with me on this. He won't let me make his real name public so we'll use some relevant aliases. My initial idea was to say I was going to work with Dr. Cid in Draklor Laboratory in Archadia***, which technically is closer to the actual job situation, but then I remembered, even though Cid was right about the nethicite, he's still an asshole, so let's go with M. M. instead shall we?

***Final Fantasy XII reference for the non gamers. And yes I just nested footnotes. Asteriskception. Problem? #trollface