Saturday, January 19, 2013

UPDATE: In Which the Author has an Emergency Sale of some Things

I have one copy each of the original trade paperback editions of both Resurrections and Adrift that I need to sell ASAP as in yesterday. Until the new editions come out this year these are it. Both are at cover price (17.95 and 33.95 respectively) plus $5 shipping because they're heavy (buy both it's still $5 combined, btw). I do have access to a Sanctuary that was autographed to someone else, though, if you want the whole set; that one is 30.95 and again, no added postage above the $5. That's all domestic shipping; international rates would depend on the country and we could figure out something.

Interested parties may post a message for one or the other or both here; it won't publish. I will then send Paypal payment information to complete the transaction. Autographs by request, or I can send them without. They're slightly used and covers have some dings but interiors are excellent. Buy them now while they exist. The ones on Amazon are way overpriced, and are also ripoffs and I make no money from them and Amazon is doing nothing to stop it, so, yeah.

I'll be selling off other parts of my Les Mis collection too in the next week or so, old movie versions that I reviewed and whatnot. If you're looking for anything drop me a line.

UPDATE: Good news, bad news. The copy of Resurrections is sold. However I have also found another copy of both Sanctuary and Adrift. The covers are a little dinged up from reading, moving, etc, but interiors are great. Autographed/personalized on request, no extra charge ^_^

Thanks to all who have inquired so far, it's really helping me out right now, you have no idea.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In Which the Author offers a small aperatif

I totally messed up the Christmas posts I promised, so I've decided instead to post a little something that has not been posted before (to my recollection; if it has been, I apologize; I will make the next post something I know has never seen the light of day, "beyond the beta-cade"). It is the approximate halfway point in the series, or just past it; it is appropriately enough titled "Entr'acte." It should prove enlightening both to new readers and current ones.

CAVEAT: If you are a new reader, there are spoilers for the second and third book present. This constitutes the only warning.

On another note, good news: although I did finish writing the book in first draft form last summer, I have not been happy with several key sections. Now I am beginning the process of deconstructing parts which I am not happy with, and refitting them back in ways which are much more pleasing. Hope springs eternal.

Meanwhile, click through the link to enjoy.