Friday, November 23, 2012

In Which the Author checks in for a quick minute


Quick post to say, Operation Get the Hell Out Of Vegas is complete. I am still looking for place to move but I'm okay where I am for the moment. Just a few updates that will be of interest to people.

First, and most thankfully, I have sold the Les Misérables set that I mentioned in an earlier post, for a decent sum. This will help enormously.

Second, clearly I will miss the Christmas deadline for Honor. But I will be able to pick it up once I get a permanent place to live with little trouble.

Third: in lieu of Honor coming out I will be posting my two Christmas themed bits. The prolog from Honor has a lot to do with Boxing Day (which personally we should adopt here in the US, but that's just my opinion). Also I wrote a short story that sort of fits in the middle of Adrift but not quite; I would have to shift some bits around in it to make it canonical, but I would like to think it could be made so. If so I would be happy to put it at the end of Honor like I did with the April Fool's section at the end of Adrift.

I'll be loading these up in December for you. Meanwhile, I am thankful to be healthy and safe and entering a new phase of life, a much better one physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. I hope that you may have the same yourselves.

ps: also, in anticipation of the musical, and in gratitude for election day, I present this, which made me squeal like a 5 year old at a Yo Gabba Gabba concert. Also here's the link to the page if the pic gets blocked.