Friday, September 28, 2012

In Which the Author offers up something for sale

First of all: Betas! The Honor sections will go out tonight. I swear. Life has been weird right now. As in

Second: I'm starting to sell off some of my humongous Les Mis collection. Specifically my beautiful little French language five volume set that was one of the first editions to be published in Belgium (the Belgium edition had a couple of chapters that the French edition actually cut, much to Hugo's chagrin). Back in the day they would publish the books just in folios, pages only, so you could have them bound to match your library (I am not making this up) and one of the interior folios is discolored, but there's no problem reading it. ETA: removed the word "slightly." the discoloration is pretty deep, and the pages feel oily. The pages are not stuck together. The discoloration has bled through the adjoining folios through the years, but again, not sticky and still readable. It's a section of book 5, (150 YEAR OLD SPOILER ALERT) beginning approximately with the marriage of Marius and Cosette--in short, after Javert.

Believe me I hate to be selling stuff but

Third: I'm moving. I'm selling a lot of stuff and moving. Out of state. Away from the crazy. And having no day job, the money is necessary like whoa. I'm doing the Fantine routine without the teeth pulling, streetwalking, child supporting stuff.

I originally bought the books twelve years ago. I'm asking $200 for this set. The reason I'm not listing them on Ebay is because I doubt I'll get anywhere near that amount there. Interested parties please comment below with your email address: I screen comments and they will not be published.

I will be listing some more things for sale as I get them out and photographed. I also have movie versions and other small, unique collectibles, most of which are book based, not musical based.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In Which the Author shares a neat gadget with the Readers

It's over in the sidebar. I will make more in the days to come. But this program just makes me happy :-)

ETA no it's not. Damn javascript. Damn it to Montfermeil. (click the arrows to embiggen, then have fun)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Which the Author is finally done with editing that stupid section

So there. *blows raspberry at manuscript*

Four sections are now ready for beta reading. Three have already been proofread multiple times (as they were already completed awhile ago). So this puts Honor at 40% complete. Probably more like 55% including the bits of sections already done and redone, but as far as whole sections? These are them.

Beta readers will be mailed the four sections together on Monday. Due to some time commitments I probably won't be online much till Friday. So, no rush. The four sections are out of sequence, basically sections 1, 3, 5, and 7. But these are the four most independent ones. Which means that once these are out of the way, the rest is pure plot. Vroom!

And now to get back to those plot parts, which are full of plot! Woo hoo!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In Which the Author is out of her fricking mind

So here I am knee deep--okay, clavicle deep--in Honor rewrites... and an opportunity to submit another work to a publishing house has come up.

That's right, I have other books ;-) and there is a window next month during which a reputable and established publisher is soliciting manuscripts, and one of my other books, which is done but needs editing, would be perfect for the submission process. So. Suddenly my attention is drawn between the two.

This does NOT mean that Honor is getting thrown under the bus! It just means I have to mentally shift gears for a couple of weeks to get this other book ready for submission. Once that's done and out of my hands it's back to Honor full time. But I just wanted to let everyone know that if I go silent on Honor for a few weeks, it's because of the other book.

(oh and also: anyone interested in looking it over, not for beta or corrections but more for a "what do you think" reaction? It's 120k words, fantasy, with a heavy LGBT theme and may be triggery to the wrong audience. The book was based on a short story I wrote for the old MZB "Sword and Sorceress" anthology--and was rejected because of the subject matter, LOL--but I have since turned it into a full length novel that is meant to be the first of a trilogy. Email me if you're interested and I'll send you out a copy. I would need response on it fairly quickly as the manuscript must be submitted by the middle of October to be considered for publication. So if you have the time and the inclination, let me know!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Which the Author shows why drafts take forever

"Judging from the amount of red on these pages, Watson, I deduce that the battle of Antietam was fought over them." -- Sherlock Holmes, "The Case of the Second Draft"
 And that's just three pages. The section is 17 pages long.


On the other hand you see why I can't do this on a computer. Javert couldn't track all these changes with Toby the bloodhound and a GPS locator. Fortunately, the draft after the initial redlining is always a lot easier because that's the fine tuning and that can be done on computer.

But that first hot-off-the-presses draft? This is how I roll.

And now I'll stop fiddling around on the computer and make some more coffee. This will take awhile...

In Which the Author says YAY

That final section I had left to draft? It's DONE. Can I get a huzzah? How about a woo hoo?

Right on.

Now it comes down to the next drafting. This section should be easier to redraft because it's all Hugoesque mansplaining (ha!) than the other sections; I found a plot hole that needs paving over, so part of what I wrote in June is going to have to be ripped out and redone. Yikes. But at least the structure around it is done so again, shouldn't be as hard as just getting it on the damn page in the first place.

Beta-ing will commence at the end of this month. There are eleven sections to Honor, four of which were completed back in 2006 and which are basically considered done, but will be sent out because a) fresh eyes and b) because they contain information that will be necessary to understand the rest of it. Of the other seven, one is an epilog and very very short, one is that damned sidetrack into history that I just finished, and the other five are new plot material. I'm guesstimating that Honor will be the same size as Sanctuary and Adrift, but the good news is that I think this will be the last of the ginormous books. Inferno does not appear to be quite so hefty, and Requiem should be again the same size as Resurrections. So I'm not doing so much a Harry Potter series where each book becomes exponentially larger; on the shelf it'll look more like a bell curve XD

Would love to take a break but tonight it's "print out the section and red pen the SOB" night. I cleared off the dining room table for it and everything. No computer, no tv: just me, a cup of coffee, a stack of paper and a red pen.

I love you Scrivener, so far; you're a great program even though you don't support the special characters... but this part of the process will never get automated. Never.

Monday, September 3, 2012

In Which the Author has a question for you, the Readers UPDATED

Anyone up for beta reading? I need a couple of people. Yes, it's Honor.

Benefits: you get to read it first. And you get to tell me where I'm wrong and what to do, which frankly doesn't happen too often (not that I'm not often wrong, but that I let people tell me so ;-) ) And at the end of all this, you will not have to pay for your copy of the book and will receive a specially made item just for you. (I know what it is but it's a surprise. Also, it's neat and not cheap).

Cons: it's a big book. And it's not all done; the beta reading will be done in sections. And you have to have some time (since it's not done I don't need it now, but it will be done by the end of the year). And obviously know how words are spelled and how sentences work. And it helps if you've already read the first three so you can spot those pesky continuity errors between the original book and these. And have to be able to look beyond the story and look at the components and tell me if it makes any damn sense.

So, anyone up for it? If you have a life no problem, it's okay, so you don't have to respond if you can't do it. Just let me know if you can do it. Thanks!

UPDATE: I now have my two betas. Thank you for volunteering! Files will start being emailed by the end of the month. I want to make sure this last section is complete before doing it in case anything in the third of the book that was already done needs adjusting. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Which the Author promises to find something fun to report

Sorry about that.

I keep getting bummed out about stuff and passing the savings whining onto you. August was a really bad month, but then again it always is, for me; why I named two characters after the two worst months in the year I have no idea. But now it's September and that means fall and that means cooler temps and more getting stuff done.

So give me a week or so and I'll come up with some good news, even if I have to make it up myself.

In Which the Author reads something disturbing

This has nothing to do with the books, or even Les Mis in general. But I just had a big letdown that has colored my view on something I thought was harmless enough...

I have a love/hate relationship with the musical "The King and I." Love Yul Brynner, the costume pr0n, and yes, the whole "Small House of Uncle Thomas" scene, warts and all. I know what it was trying to say, anyway. Was uncomfortable about some things, but nothing I could pin down, just a vague feeling. Insert Futurama internet meme here.

So when the animated version came out a decade or so ago I was pretty interested. It looked beautiful. I'm all for more traditional animated fare. And with the Rodgers and Hammerstein soundtrack, how could it go wrong?