Monday, April 30, 2012

In which the Author makes a decision about earlier questions

So awhile back I mentioned a part that was supposed to be in Honor but I was wondering if it was too farfetched? Well guess what, I found the paper copy of that scene that I'd written (I no longer have the original text file apparently) and reread it, and discovered why that scene was there in the first place. And if I may say so, it totally rocked.

It's a great sign when you reread something you wrote a while back and you like it. I cannot tell you how stoked that makes me. First time in a long time I felt like it wasn't at the dead end I thought it was.

I'm going to spend a day this week putting it back in the text file and then finishing up the section. It's out of order with the rest of what's done but it really wants to be finished now and I can't wait to get back to these guys.

Meanwhile Sanctuary is still being worked on; all I have to do is put in the file the links between the chapters and the directory so you can navigate through it. I also have to come up with the $32 for the cover to the second book. I can publish it coverless but it won't be available at any of the major outlets if I don't (like Amazon, B&N, Sony, Apple, etc), only at Smashwords. I could always add one later but I would prefer to have it done pretty and right the first time.

Unless someone wants to donate me $32 for the cover lol yeahright

New question! When Honor is done, should it be Honor, or Honour? Just wondering...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In which the Author checks in

Quickie update:

Taking next week off (with pay! yay!) and will be able to finish setting up Sanctuary for e-book publication. Having a few issues with money again due to the days I had to take off without pay (boo!) so it may be a little longer to actually get the book posted (as I need to get the book cover made).

Otherwise, things going okay. Just thought I'd mention it. Will post again with news about Sanctuary when it's ready to go up.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In which the Author makes an important update

Short note: Sanctuary is 90% reformatted; I'm going to have to do a careful edit though as there are some problems with the files, namely, it looks like the files that were saved to archives were not the final version that was printed by IUniverse; this looks like the next to last version before the final copy proofing. I'm finding discrepencies between spelling, especially of some of the more obscure French name places, so I'm going to have to find out which one is the right one and replace manually. I have a list of about 45 words to research so, yeah, that won't take long, it's just tedious.

The other problem is longer, and more anger-inducing. You see, back in the early days, when I was first posting Resurrections, there was someone who I thought was doing me a favor by offering to proofread the books. She was very good at the actual job of proofing and copy editing. However, every now and then though she thought it would be funny to "riff" on some parts of the books, á là MST3K, in addition to making proofing comments that went beyond simple correction and became hurtful commentary. Admittedly, I like a good riff every now and then, and I know my writing is not perfect and I can appreciate a bon mot like the next person, and anyone who knows me knows I love MST3K and Rifftrax. But there's a difference between riffing the bad writing and acting of a production that's professionally done, been through the editing process already, and put out there by people who ought to know better, and riffing a first draft of a work you're supposed to be actively assisting in making better. You know when someone's laughing with you and when they're laughing at you, and she was doing the second one, in spades.

But I put up with it. Because I was afraid at that time to say anything, because hey, she was "doing me a favor" proofing my books for free, and -- oh, irony! -- since she made me feel like I couldn't write two sentences without help and I thought I needed her help, I didn't want to hurt her feelings!

But it hurt me, to have someone do that, someone who purportedly was also my friend, someone who didn't just correct the grammar or punctuation, but someone who was intentionally catty and vicious at it and hiding it under the "can't you take a joke" umbrella. Having been bullied like that from my family for years and years, I had learned how to put on the brave face and not let them know they'd hurt me, but there's only so much of that you can take before you snap, seriously.

Coincidentally, I'm currently reading the original Three Musketeers, getting myself back into the "reading big French novels" mode, and there was a description of a cup of patience, filling with insults and abuse, and that last drop that spills it all over. That happened between me and the proofreader, finally, right after my mother died. And that, I thought, was that.

The trouble now is, all through the manuscript I'm trying to ready for e-publishing, there are snide little landmines of hers. It's like revisiting a bad time in my life I thought I'd left behind. So now I'm going to have to line edit the entire thing, word by word, all 200,000 words (approximately), as there's no highlights or other warnings to let me know when I'm suddenly going to run into a troll comment.

So, long story short, it's going to take a little longer to get Sanctuary done than I'd hoped.

And also, for future reference: when I begin the second half of Honor, I will have to beg to be excused; as you recall I post the chapters as I write them and then when complete I take them down and re-edit and thereby get the whole novel together for publication. Please excuse the errors that will occur more often than usual, as I am without an outside proofreader at the moment. This is not necessarily a good thing, but considering the previous alternative, this is not a bad thing AT ALL.