Thursday, February 23, 2012

in which an update is attempted

So, my month hasn't gone the way I was hoping it would. Mostly because due to this lingering illness I lost a lot of work and had to make up the money selling half my stuff on Ebay. I think I'm just going to keep selling stuff I don't want anymore and banking the money. The medical thing is serious enough that I had to file for FMLA to keep from having the absences jeopardize my job.

Needless to say this has done wonders with my ability to write. Namely totally shut down the thing I was going to do. But on the plus side another chapter further into the book decided to start writing itself in my head (preliminary to getting it on the page is for the characters to hash out the basic details first) which is a great sign and it also let me know that some guy who was a character for half a chapter now goes on to solve a problem in book 6 that I thought was someone else's problem, but this way works much better.

So I may not actively be in the kitchen but at least the stuff on the stove's still simmering. Heck to the yes on that one.

I'm going to give actual writing a chance this weekend with that section I was mentioning and see what comes out. If anything looks reasonable I'll put some of it up as a teaser here, a reward for anyone still reading this after all this time ;-)

Baby steps, indeed. Oh and happy belated Mardi Gras, which is also happy belated Marius and Cosette's anniversary. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

in which a conundrum already presents itself

Well, surfing back through my archive disks it appears I have more than a few versions of several of the bits of Honor that I had already finished. I'm finding myself in the same situation as I did with the second half of Adrift which went through several many oodles of permutations. Which means I have roughly the first third completed, bar a few scenes. So the only things I have to worry about is most of Australia (ha!) and what comes after that (double ha!)

No worries, as the Antipodeans say.

Yeahright, as the (uh, what is the opposite? Propodeans?) other guys say.

My goal this weekend is actually only partly concerning writing. I am moving my desk area out of  my little dining room and into a corner of the living room, because, frankly, the TV is far less of a distraction from writing than the window where I can see all the drama around me. I'm investing my tax refund in a breakfast nook and decorating it coffeehouse style. And finally putting up all my PauC ephemera on the walls and shelves.

Some may call this writing distraction. I call it foreplay. ;-)

More news when and if it happens.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

in which the Book is being worked on

Pont-au-Change-of-plans: Rather than write and dwell on Émile's death - still very sore for me - I'm going to report some good news instead.

A couple of days ago, the characters in PauC began speaking to me again. Actually it was the crew of the Ouroborous. A scene popped into my head that solved a few problems, and suddenly it was like I was where I was when I left off. So, I've set up a schedule to start writing again. Beginning today I'm going to "nano" the book, write at least 1000 words each day (whether it's crap or not I'll learn later, but right now Goal One is to Get It On The Page) and I can finish up much of the Australia segment of the book. If I spend each day in February writing at least 1000 words (I'd really like 2000 but I'll settle for 1k at this point) that should finish up Honor entirely. Seriously. Then I'll have months to edit, parse, match it up with the first third I wrote a few years ago, and viola! Well maybe not that, maybe at least ukelele!

So, today, I write. I don't know when I'll be posting it, like I said, my goal is to write it first, worry about it later. I saw a t-shirt in a catalog this Christmas that said just that: "Even if it's crap, just get it on the page." I think that's my new motto. At least for this month.

Will check in again as the month rolls along, at least by Marius and Cosette's anniversary. Wish me luck!