Sunday, November 2, 2014

UPDATE In Which The Author Teases Something...In Rhyme....

Remember Remember the Fifth Of November
And the fifth book of Pont-au-Change
Because V is a letter as well as a number
And mostly is short for Valjean

And way back in Sanctuary some may remember
That both Jean Valjean and Javert
Came to realize some think the fifth of November
Is a holiday full of good cheer

So to celebrate this year the fifth of November
While Nanowrimo-ing my plot
For the fifth book Inferno, a gift I will render:
So on Wednesday check back at THIS SPOT....

UPDATE: Arlene had a little blog
That she was supposed to update
And every time she went to start
Some stuff came in to frustrate

But rest assured the thing that then
was supposed to be announced here
will soon go up, just not sure when
at least before the new year ;-D*

*just kidding, give it about a week.

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