Saturday, November 15, 2014

UPDATE 1 In Which The Author Has Something You May Like To See


The Les Misérables Image Gallery is back online!

No, really! Ta da!

Well, most of it, anyway. I'm still trying to find some of the pictures, I'm going through a lot of disks. I stupidly didn't download the site before I lost it before. So, patience would be nice.

Please note, the URL has changed. It's now with the hyphens in it. If you don't put the hyphens in it you get a whole nother site that you don't want to go to. Fucking squatters. Anyway. Ahem.

Next on my checklist: the Media Comparison Checklist! When that's up I'll post again.

UPDATE 1: Annnd the Media Comparison Checklist is now up too! NOTE: the links from the main directory of the checklist work; the return links in the reviews themselves do not all work yet, I have to go through each file and line edit individually. But the reviews are back. Now I just have to write more of them :-D

oh and PS yes Inferno is getting written, it's going pretty well so far. Won't be as finished as I want it to be by the end of Nanowrimo but, I'm getting book on the page so every one of those is a win as far as I'm concerned.

Okay, enough chitchat. Have fun with the pictures.


  1. Besides reviewing the recent movie (of course it's your opinion what you think about it), there's also the anime series Shojo Cosette, which is available on YouTube (and other sites, and might be available on DVD in some countries) as well as the 25th Anniversary concert from 2010. Of course many of the older titles can now be found on YouTube and several online viewing sites.

    1. I've had Shoujo Cosette on my radar since it first came out but that was before subtitles were on it, so I'll be doing that first thing next year, along with the movie and the 25th anniversary concert. Also a few other surprises aka "blasts from the past"

      And one day I'll get around to redoing the pages themselves and updating with more info on where/how to get a hold of some of these. Remember some of these reviews are actually OLDER THAN YOUTUBE ;-D