Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In Which The Author Has A Teaser For Book Five

Hey, so, I know I haven't even written it yet but, here's the cover for Inferno:

created by the awesome Mireille Sillander http://mireillesillander.carbonmade.com/ who also did the cover for Honor. Have you been keeping track of all the stuff on the covers? Why yes there is a method to the madness. 

The cover may change the background when it finally goes to print; I had a different and more fire-y looking design in mind but when it came to do the image I had such a small sample and to get a bigger one means forking money over to a stock company and I don't have $25 to get some damn virtual wallpaper, so, yeah. Besides, I do like how this came out, the way it looks as if the side has been charred... we'll see.

Another note: it is now almost entirely probable that volume 6 will be called Redemption, not Requiem. I have not made the final decision on that yet but it's leaning in that direction. It's not like I haven't changed names before, that's for sure. In the very beginning, book 4 was called Harbinger and book 5 was Identity. Yeah, I have no idea what I was thinking either :-D so yeah, I'll definitely post when I've made my mind up. If I do change it to Redemption then I'm reserving the word Requiem for a section within the book. 

Three days to Nanowrimo, and I'm stoked. I will begin working on Inferno. I have not yet written anything that's not notes. So when I start, it will start from scratch. If you want to follow progress, my Nano id is "acharris." If you're doing Nano, add me as a writing buddy; I'll add you back and we can cheer each other on! 

One more bit of business. It concerns the website. Apparently someone bought my domain name. And put some junk there. If you go to the old pontauchange site you will see what I mean. Also, what is up with that logo, it looks worse than some of my old ones :-D Anyway, if you miss the Media Comparison Checklist of the Gallery, like I do, don't forget there's a donation button over there on the left. Earmark a donation for a new website and there will be one by the end of the year. Consider it a Nanowrimo sponsorship ;-) I have no idea what name I'll go with, if I have to go to .net or something, but if I can scrape together $50 I can get a site and domain name secured for a year. And then I can review that stupid movie musical finally! :-D

Three more days, and here we go again...


  1. The old website can be viewed on the Internet Web Archive site although they seem to be having troubles now. And I thought the recent movie musical version was wonderful! Some say it's the most faithful to "the brick".

    1. No, the movie musical is not the most faithful version to "the brick." Not by a long shot. The 1950's version with Jean Gabin still holds that record. The movie is mostly faithful to the musical, which has many discrepancies from the original, which were mostly editorial in nature to accommodate the limitations of stage and voice.

      No, my problem with the 2012 movie is not that it differs from the book. My problems have to do with 1) some horrible casting choices, 1.5) in conjunction with the "sing it live" editorial decision 2) some unnecessary rewrites from even the musical version and 3-through-eleventy-seven) one absolutely unforgivable sound effect.