Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In Which The Author Rings A Triangle And Yells, "Come And Get It" UPDATED

It's done, it's done. Honor is complete and live on Smashwords. One day late for Javert's birthday, but it's not like he minds. Much.

There are some formatting issues I can't fix right now but they don't affect the story, just the navigation in the second half with regards to the Table of Contents and stuff. That should get fixed in a few days and I'll reupload it.

Now if you have already bought the book, you can download the complete version at no extra charge, just re-download the file to the reader of your choice. f you haven't bought it yet, guess what, there's a sale on the website! It's a promotion through the publisher, save 25% by using the coupon code  SSW25 at checkout. It's good through the end of July. Come August, not only will the books no longer be on sale, but they will be at a higher base price, as I raised the rates across the board to get me just a little more in the royalties department. So if you've waited, don't wait too much longer to get them, seriously.

But wait, I can hear you crying. What's next? Well I'll be spending the next few months dealing with life stuff and trying to get stabilized. I have already decided to use this year's Nanowrimo in November to start laying out the next book and getting a lot of the interacting storylines down in a semblance of order. Between now and then, most of my creating is going on the back burner to percolate into something useable.

So, I'll let you all catch up on what's been going on. Meet me here when you're done for tea and sympathy. Welcome to the big ol' clusterf**k that's been in my head since I first came up with the idea for the series. I knew these things were coming up. You may think you know things will be okay because you've seen the main characters after this point during the Guernsey sequences, but, well, without spoiling things, you'd be pretty wrong about that, for varying values of "okay."

Honor is in the bag. Next stop: Inferno.

Thank you for reading.

PS: if you are so inclined, may I point out the link to your left that reads "The Bishop's Fund" which is connected to a Paypal donation link. If you feel sufficiently entertained by the current installment, kindly consider throwing in a couple of dollars to buy a starving writer a cup of coffee, it would be greatly appreciated.

PPS: Hey, this is my 100th blog post! Congrats again to me! Gold stars for everyone!

ETA: If you are one of the people who donated funds in February 2012 who were offered book download codes as a thank you, I don't have email addresses to send them to, just a list of names. If you are one of those, reply to this post with your name and email address(they will NOT be published as all comments are moderated) and I will send you the code for the free download. Sorry about the wait and the confusion. 


  1. This is fantastic! Congratulations! I'll be buying asap. :)

  2. Hi, I'm one of the kickstarter backers. Did you already sent out the codes?

    1. bad news is, I don't have emails to send them to as my old computer is long gone and the info with it. Good news is I have a hard copy list of names :-) reply here with your name (I won't publish it here, all comments go thru moderation) and email address, and I will send you a code for you to download a complete copy of Honor.

      Sorry for the roundabout way of doing stuff but it's been a crazy couple of years.