Thursday, January 9, 2014

In Which the Author Posits a Question About The Book

Happy New Years to all! Okay, that's done with. On to business. ("To Business!" *clink glasses* *blank stare* "Oh I'm sorry I thought you were raising a toast" / MythAdventures)

As you all may know or not, I'm having another rough patch. But that's not what this is about, it's just setting the tone for the question I have. The thing is that the energy of dealing with the real life stuff (unemployment, keeping lights on and roof overhead, fighting with state aid agencies, plotting escape from east coast, stuff like that) has eaten most of my available writing energy. I'm just not working as well or fast as I had hoped. I have some done, just not the rest. So here's the question:

Would it be worth things to you, the reader, to update the book with the two new sections I have ready to go, instead of all five remaining? The price would change slightly for new purchasers to reflect added material but if you've already bought and downloaded it, then downloading a new copy will not cost you anything more. That way, you get content, I get a little more done, and can then take another breather till I can get the last three sections finished and the thing completely in the can.

I do have to say, though, that one of the two sections is digression. History time! Everyone's favorite part of both the original Les Misérables and Pont-au-Change. But it is enlightening to say the least, particularly if you're interested in more current issues of today, because it goes a ways to explain certain global realities currently making news.

The other section is a Valjean and Javert one, though, so yay. I have half another Marius and Cosette section done but who cares about them, right? :-P But they have a lot going on to set up for stuff happening in the next book, so, it's a necessary evil. Still, I can hold that off till the final update. What's more important is bring on Valjean and Javert dammit, right?

So, please let me know, would you like an updated book with 40% of the remaining content added in, sooner, or would you rather wait for the whole 100% finished book, later this spring? Sooner if I can manage that but if I can't I have to face reality and look at more months than weeks to getting it done.

I'll just leave you with this little thing I found here, courtesy of Cracked:

Go ahead on, it's your move.*

*Yes I just quoted a Joe Don Baker movie. At least it wasn't Mitchell.


  1. I just can't wait, I've been so excited for more of the book so I'd love to have a few sections sooner rather than all later. Best of luck with everything! :) love these books!

  2. Go with whichever solution works out best for you: I'd rather wait for you to feel comfortable with your finished work...

    Best of luck with your real life problems, I understand how difficult these can be. In fact, your books are one of the few things that make it worth dealing with my own and hanging in there! :D