Sunday, December 1, 2013

In Which The Author Updates A Little

Happy Decemberween!

Okay, between all the fragments of sections and possibilities put to paper I managed to eke out a Nano win. I didn't think I wrote near that much because of the work stuff but it turns out I did, so yay I guess. Now comes the hard part of turning it into useable material. I don't think I'm going to make my arbitrary Valjean's Birthday deadline but I will work like the Hugo* to make the Christmas deadline.

Remember, if you've already downloaded the short version of Honor, all you will need to do is redownload it to your PC or tablet or ereader, you will not pay a dime more.

If you were one of those who helped me out last year when I was financially ruined, i.e. worse than this year, email me so I can send you a promo code for a free download.

If you are neither and are just coming on board or just now picking up the story, I'll be putting up some kind of promo code for you as well, a holiday discount I'm guessing. So everyone get stuff, yay.

Also we're nearing the end of the quarter (aka The Quarter Quell**) so remember any sales I get by December 31 I will see in February, any sales after that won't reach me till May. So if you can buy early and often, that will help out a ton! Also remember any book bought before the new version goes up is half price, so get one now and by the time you get through with the half, the other half should be just about ready!

In the next week or so I'll be better able to start telling the goopy, soupy tale of my misadventures in the Mid Atlantic without fear of reprisals from the psychoest psycho boss that ever psyched a co. I thought about drawing it as a cartoon just for the manual therapy but maybe, just maybe, I'll actually do some writing instead. If it's any good by the end of it I might turn it into a book on its own. As if I don't have enough sordid miserable soap opera to write about, huh.

Time to kick butt and eat candy canes, and I'm all out of candy canes.***

*well I can't work like the Dickens now can I? :-3
**God I love The Hunger Games series. Hope the movie is good, going to try and see it soon. I say try because I have no transportation, so it's a little less spontaneous a decision for me
***On my short list of holiday traditions, the movie Santa Claus as done by MST3K. Santa versus the Devil. Oh and helped by Merlin. Santa I mean. The Devil is on his own.

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