Monday, December 23, 2013

In Which The Author Offers Various and Sundry Holiday Well Wishes

Merry Christmas, personally. Even though I'm an athiest it's my chosen yuletide festival. But whatever reason you personally choose to celebrate this particular point of the calendar, may it be celebratory.

Now on to business. You'll note it's kind of late in the month. Yeah, I noted that too. Thing is, it doesn't look like I'm going to make a Christmas upload deadline for the remainder of Honor. I don't even know if I'll make a New Year's one, but we'll see. The reason is that work on the book has been slow and painful. Coupled with the psycho boss adventures, the resultant unemployment situation, and stress levels last seen in 2011 when I had my snap, it hasn't been a good writing environment at all. I can't seem to find my zone, and the more I try the more frustrating it is.

I'm going to keep whacking away at it but I don't know when the rest of the book will upload at this point. It's kind of hard to concentrate on it, particularly the part that needs the most work, so I'm working on the easier sections first just to get them out of the way. I'd post one on Wednesday if everything at this point wasn't so dang spoilery.

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding. This year has been a disaster made all the more disasterrific because it was preventable. I took a chance at a situation that looked like a lifeline and got screwed, blued, and tattooed by it. Not only is there no Uncle Mikey*, there's no M. Madeleine, either. Especially if he says he is. Learn from my mistake.

I'll try and check in again before the end of the year. Meanwhile, may you stay warm and dry if you're on my side of the equator, and stay cool and comfy if you are not.

* Rock and Rule is still one of my favorite animated films, bite me.

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