Friday, November 1, 2013

In Which The Author References A '70's Sitcom

by saying "Nano Nano"

This is the month I'll be finishing Honor and you can watch it being done here:

Honor's Nanowrimo Progress Page

I will post periodic, as in weekly, segments, maybe just scenes, possibly whole small chapters, as I go along. The "excerpts" function is one of my favorites. First one will go up this weekend because duh I haven't written anything yet. When I have, things will go live.

Wish me luck. After all, if I'm successful, it'll be done and the whole thing ready before the winter season gift giving excuse day of your choice. What I'm really hoping for is to have it live before December 14, which will be as you might be aware already Jean Valjean's birthday. So, here's to hoping!

ps: here's a little something to make you laugh or give you nightmares, your mileage may vary...

(from The Mary Sue)

Ready steady g--

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