Saturday, June 1, 2013

In Which the Author wishes everyone a Happy June

We are a week away from barricade day and things are starting to move here at Book Central.

Ever think you're a kite that's being held down to reality by the rock of friendship only to discover when you cut the tie that the kite is a lie they told you to keep you down, and you're really a muthafuckin ZEPPELIN?

*or airship, if you prefer

That's been me lately. I am the Graf Zeppelene! 

I mean, sure, I may be full of hot air and explode now and then but I am a grand majestic balloon capable of propelling myself across continents, not a flimsy paper construct that requires constant ground control.

Especially when that control consists of things like telling you how fat you are in one sentence and they buying you cheap ass dollar store chocolate in the next.

Or when you are broke and destitute "generously" giving them half a bag of stale pretzels and then getting pissy when they turn you down because first of all you don't eat pretzels to begin with and second of all are you fucking kidding me?

Or dragging your ass all over London and Brighton at breakneck speed and then getting huffy when the person you're with can't keep up. Instead of, you know, walking WITH someone.

Or at a convention in Canada, where the hotel and the con are a mile apart, and then announcing afterwards that "for your own good" you're not allowed to go to conventions anymore if you can't keep up.

Little stuff like that.

It's amazing how clear you can see stuff like this once you're outside it.

Needless to say with the drama llamas crowding around I didn't get much writing done this last month. That's okay too. I've been saving it up to now. It's been stewing in my head for months. It's ready to start pouring onto the page.

I will keep posting excerpts here on the blog while I'm working, both to keep you all amused and me working. Goal has been set for July 20 (Javert's birthday). Oh that reminds me, I was going to put up the math I did for figuring out Valjean's birthday relative to Javert's. I will go look for that.

I will put something up next Friday for the anniversary. Something that has not been posted before.

Beta readers, still interested? Message me. I will soon have work for you, if you still want it.

Happy June indeed. Now if you'll excuse me, this bag of wind is going to take a spin around her book.

ZOOM putt putt putt putt putt putt

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