Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In Which the Author Checks In

Wow, I didn't even realize I hadn't posted a thing in April. Sorry to leave all ten of you hanging :-P

The move is complete, the job is pretty good, I'm finally getting stuff unpacked (yeah yeah I know) and things are returning to a state of normalcy (or what passes for it around me).

Quick bio of where I am: right in the middle of historic downtown Richmond, VA. It's a huge college town and there's a great mix of historical old stuff and new trendy young urban professional stuff. The building I live in is converted lofts, it was originally built in the 1850's (!contemporary to PauC!) and is a historical landmark. Then again it's hard to swing an imaginary cat around here without hitting a protected building. But anyway. I have a great view of the heart of the capital, I'm about 10 blocks away from work (so I walk or bus depending on weather) and two blocks from the James River. In short, I'm smack in the middle of Pocahontas Central. As well as Civil War central. Oh and there's an Edgar Allan Poe museum three blocks in the other direction. And two blocks perpendicular? The church where Thomas Paine adasdfasdf Patrick Henry dammit! made his famous "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech.

tl;dr, this place is awesome. Bonus: it's not in a frickin' desert. High fives all around.

Now, on the book news front. Needless to say I got no writing done at all in April. I told myself I better get off my duff and write in May and I'm starting to roll that out again. I don't think there's any hope in hell of making the June 7th anniversary. So, the next anniversary would be Javert's birthday on July 20th. Failing that, it would be Marius's recovery date which I think is Sept. 7th, but honestly, who cares about Marius right? ;-)

So because I have nothing of my own to share I have a couple of links for you. This was something I was going to do once (and may dust off again because AWESOME) but this other guy is doing some and he's really good:

Les Misérables Paper Dolls.

I know, right? SQUEE COSTUME PR0N!! I promise I will do some PauC and LM paper dolls at some point. I have the blank figures, I just need to draw 'em some clothes.

bonus link I just found while surfing DA. Stunning.

The other thing to share is something that has been on the old site for awhile, but needed showing off again. Way back when I was first starting out the series I sent a videotape of the TAC to comic book illustrator Colleen Doran (after we both declared our mutual love for the musical 1776, I sent her LM because she hadn't seen it) and shortly after she did a short comic in her long running series A Distant Soil which referenced Les Mis in the most awesome way. So the punchline refers to Philip Quast, obviously, not Russell Whatshisname. Just saying.

Also, for those not in the know, Father Mario (priest) and Tony Minetti (cop) are brothers.

Colleen gave me generous permission to repost this to the blog. I'm still in possession of the original artwork. It had been sold, but I'm in the process of buying it back from the buyer because, well, yeah. Sorry my scan is so crappy, it's a product of the technology I had when I did it originally. The tones are not well represented at all. It shall be redone, one day when I have space on my ginormous to-do list. Meanwhile, here:

And that's it for the current update on the State of the Arlene. I will post something more book like next time.

Thanks for sticking with me.

EDIT: Dang it, I knew I forgot something! You may have seen this on the news but here's the link anyway: some guy took old maps and overlaid them on Google Maps so you can travel back in time or something like that. The upshot is:

Paris, 1834.

Have fun with that XD

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