Friday, February 1, 2013

In Which The Author sells more things

So yeah, my life has taken another turn for the crap. Long story short, I'm selling off as much of my collection as I can. All my books, dvds, videos, cassette tape versions. If you're looking for a copy of any of the stuff I've reviewed, please let me know. Also I have a few more of Hugo's books and other alternate versions of Les Mis. When I get it all catalogued I'll list it, meanwhile if you have anything on  your wish list let me know.

UPDATE: I still have one of my Nevada license plates that says JAVERT. It's no longer valid but it makes a nice wall decoration. They may reissue the personalization one day but this is one of the nice imprinted kind of plate, not the new flat boring printed kind. It's a one of a kind. The other one got turned in. Make me an offer.

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