Tuesday, February 5, 2013

UPDATE 2: In Which the Author lists the things for sale

UPDATE: two items sold. Three more to sell and I will post another section of Honor pertaining to the denouement at the barricade.

UPDATE 2: the last Sanctuary is sold. I have one copy of Adrift left. Two more items and I put up another section of Honor :-)

Okay, here's all my Les Mis collectibles I'm selling, they're mostly different media versions that I've reviewed. Post a comment if you're interested; I won't publish it but I'll be able to get you the Paypal information to pay for them.

All funds go to keep me from getting evicted. Literally. 

Donations also greatly appreciated; anyone who donates to the cause will get coupon codes for free downloads of the first three books if you don't already have them.

3 DVD set "le theatre de la jeunesse" $25
Japanese Les Miserables cartoon (1970's) VHS $25
matching graphic novel version of the above movie (in French!) $20
CD music score from 1934 French movie, music by Arthur Honegger $10
CD music score from Claude Lelouche movie starring Jean-Paul Belmondo $20
hardcover French graphic novel, part one (part 2 was never produced) by E. Paape: $20
original souvenir program booklet from silent movie from 1925, full of photos: $35

assorted videos people sent me of different movie versions, most of them bad. $5 per VHS (some of them span 2 or 3 videos) or $40 for all 10 of them.

cassette tapes of CBS radio mystery theater from the 80's $10
assorted CDs of other radio versions, copies made for me $30 for all of them
DVD copy of laughable French cartoon version $5

SOLD antique Les Miserables book volume 1 (I don't have book 2), leather spine (a bit worn) with illustrations.  $20

SOLD one copy left of Sanctuary $30.95
one copy left of Adrift $33.95

JAVERT license plate: $100 or best offer.

SOLD one miniature black jet bead rosary, stamped "made in France." yes, it's real. $10

If you want to make an offer for multiple items I will entertain that also.

add $3 shipping for first item; will combine shipping on multiple items. (whoops, books are $5 because heavy)

When I sell five items I will post another section of Honor that has not been published. A good section with some information that some might want to know. Here's a hint: how did Victor Hugo find out what happened inside the last stand of the barricade if everyone who survived (Valjean, Javert, Marius) had already taken off? Where did he get the information from? 

Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm interested in buying Adrift and Sanctuary :3

    1. I tried replying to your LJ email. Hope you got it.