Sunday, February 17, 2013

SECOND UPDATE: In Which the Author has a Quick Reminder

Yes I am offering free downloads of the books for any donations if you haven't read the books yet. Just please be sure to let me know you want them, I have to set up the download codes by hand.

While I also do appreciate the book sales I've been getting lately (yes, I've noticed the huge uptick in sales lately, seriously thank you so much) I get paid quarterly on those, I won't see that money until the first week of May. So please consider making a donation if you're of a mind to. Thanks!

UPDATE: Oh you guys, you are so incredibly awesome. The outpouring of help has been humbling. I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and it's not Thénardier with the sewer grate key.

Also: because of the outpouring of donations I will be posting that piece of Honor I've been teasing you all with. It's only a few chapters but they're kind of important. I hope you like them. I'll get them formatted and posted later today.

What follows below is tl;dr drama, violins, tigers come at night, etc. Just so you know.

I've been asked to detail why I'm making this big donation push: the fact is I'm broke, unemployed, and stuck in another state. I moved here to move in with someone I thought I knew and had lived with before, but within a month of being here she decided she wanted to move home with her parents instead and left me to fend for myself. It's more complicated than that, even: apparently I ruined her life by moving here even though we both agreed to it, and instead of helping each other out like we were supposed to she decided on a me-first strategy and left. Then her parents--who kept buying us furniture and stuff at Goodwill for us, which I thought was generous-- came by and took it all, even though they have no place to store it, saying that since they'd paid for it it's theirs to do with what they want. (ETA: okay, they left the couch only because I begged them to, and still they're more concerned that the couch is okay than that I am okay.)*
They wouldn't even let me use it till I got my own stuff to replace it with. They even took the fucking silverware, I'm not kidding. I had to stay with them for a month before we got the apartment and yeah, those stories will make it into the book I'm sure. I never met people before who would give their kids iPads for Christmas and yet take their own drinks with them to the pizza parlor to avoid buying them on site. But anyway, enough about that.

So between Ebay and some sales here on the blog I had almost managed to cover my butt in a 2 bedroom apartment and was waiting for my tax refund check to deposit, which would have given me another 2 months to get employed and stable and to look for another roommate. But I chose to direct deposit my refund check to Walmart's new Bluebird debit card, like a payroll card (and I only did that because I wasn't sure if my bank accounts would still be open because I was dangerously close to blanking both of those out as well). I had my taxes done mid-January and was all set to go, then February 1 I get a message from the card saying, "we rejected your refund because we don't take government checks." That's right, Walmart doesn't take government checks. Laugh ironically here. I went down to the local IRS office that same day and was told there was no way to change it to my bank's routing number, I would have to wait for a paper check, which I haven't done in what, 10 years or more? And the paper checks are second priority so I'm looking at mid-March if I'm lucky. Meanwhile the landlord's wondering where the rent is and the power company is poised with its hand on the button waiting for me to fail to pay the rest of the huge deposit they asked for so they can cut me off.

So I put out an ad on Craigslist for a roommate. Here we run into another problem: this apartment complex I'm in? It's not the best. It's safe, but that's about all that can be said for it. It's tiny, run down but being fixed up; finding someone who wants to live a) here and b) with me in tinyville is proving to be a bust. But if I don't hang in here till at least April my check will never find me. I'm stuck here till at least then. Otherwise I'd be more than happy to break this lease and get myself a small studio away from the ex roommate's family that live half a mile down the street, way too close for comfort.

And that's why I'm raising money by selling my collectibles and asking for donations. It's a hard thing to put your hand out but there it is. I'm out of options. I'm literally fighting to keep a roof over my head and the power on while I learn to live in this strange new city where I have no friends and no support system. This is a once in a lifetime event, but it is an extinction level event. So those of you who have already donated or bought things from me, you have helped save my life. And I will do everything I can to be worthy of your generosity.

*UPDATE 2 apparently completely not at all having anything to do with this post, or the fundraiser, or anything, they've suddenly decided they want to come get the couch this weekend Even though they have no room for anything in that house, I guess I'm not grateful enough to have the use of a used couch so I'm being taught a lesson. All righty then. I have a TV  and an area rug and that's more than most people have in this world so I'm going to be okay. But damn, petty much?


  1. Its good to see you again! :) I hope you're doing well.

    1. good to hear from you too! (you know what? I never got that "Marina Lemar" thing till just now. Doh!)

      I am doing much better, thank you. The tigers came at night but I'm feeding them tuna fish sandwiches so they're much less scary.

      /calvin and hobbes references are always appropriate

  2. Its my actual name too which makes it even better. :D My father is really into anything nautical. I'm wishing you the best of luck with things. So happy to have your books to read when school blesses me with a few moments.