Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Which the Author shows why drafts take forever

"Judging from the amount of red on these pages, Watson, I deduce that the battle of Antietam was fought over them." -- Sherlock Holmes, "The Case of the Second Draft"
 And that's just three pages. The section is 17 pages long.


On the other hand you see why I can't do this on a computer. Javert couldn't track all these changes with Toby the bloodhound and a GPS locator. Fortunately, the draft after the initial redlining is always a lot easier because that's the fine tuning and that can be done on computer.

But that first hot-off-the-presses draft? This is how I roll.

And now I'll stop fiddling around on the computer and make some more coffee. This will take awhile...

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  1. The first five drafts of my novel were like that. I'm currently on #6 and finally mostly on computer. Looks like progress is happening! Can't wait to Beta.