Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Which the Author says YAY

That final section I had left to draft? It's DONE. Can I get a huzzah? How about a woo hoo?

Right on.

Now it comes down to the next drafting. This section should be easier to redraft because it's all Hugoesque mansplaining (ha!) than the other sections; I found a plot hole that needs paving over, so part of what I wrote in June is going to have to be ripped out and redone. Yikes. But at least the structure around it is done so again, shouldn't be as hard as just getting it on the damn page in the first place.

Beta-ing will commence at the end of this month. There are eleven sections to Honor, four of which were completed back in 2006 and which are basically considered done, but will be sent out because a) fresh eyes and b) because they contain information that will be necessary to understand the rest of it. Of the other seven, one is an epilog and very very short, one is that damned sidetrack into history that I just finished, and the other five are new plot material. I'm guesstimating that Honor will be the same size as Sanctuary and Adrift, but the good news is that I think this will be the last of the ginormous books. Inferno does not appear to be quite so hefty, and Requiem should be again the same size as Resurrections. So I'm not doing so much a Harry Potter series where each book becomes exponentially larger; on the shelf it'll look more like a bell curve XD

Would love to take a break but tonight it's "print out the section and red pen the SOB" night. I cleared off the dining room table for it and everything. No computer, no tv: just me, a cup of coffee, a stack of paper and a red pen.

I love you Scrivener, so far; you're a great program even though you don't support the special characters... but this part of the process will never get automated. Never.


  1. I can't say that I would have any complaints about having more of your writing to read in each book. ;)

    I'm glad that the writing process is progressing well for you!

    1. thanks! I'm 2 chapters from finishing the section from aitch ee double toothpicks and that means I can start throwing sections to beta readers. Mark your calenders folks because this will be on the holiday shopping list!