Friday, September 28, 2012

In Which the Author offers up something for sale

First of all: Betas! The Honor sections will go out tonight. I swear. Life has been weird right now. As in

Second: I'm starting to sell off some of my humongous Les Mis collection. Specifically my beautiful little French language five volume set that was one of the first editions to be published in Belgium (the Belgium edition had a couple of chapters that the French edition actually cut, much to Hugo's chagrin). Back in the day they would publish the books just in folios, pages only, so you could have them bound to match your library (I am not making this up) and one of the interior folios is discolored, but there's no problem reading it. ETA: removed the word "slightly." the discoloration is pretty deep, and the pages feel oily. The pages are not stuck together. The discoloration has bled through the adjoining folios through the years, but again, not sticky and still readable. It's a section of book 5, (150 YEAR OLD SPOILER ALERT) beginning approximately with the marriage of Marius and Cosette--in short, after Javert.

Believe me I hate to be selling stuff but

Third: I'm moving. I'm selling a lot of stuff and moving. Out of state. Away from the crazy. And having no day job, the money is necessary like whoa. I'm doing the Fantine routine without the teeth pulling, streetwalking, child supporting stuff.

I originally bought the books twelve years ago. I'm asking $200 for this set. The reason I'm not listing them on Ebay is because I doubt I'll get anywhere near that amount there. Interested parties please comment below with your email address: I screen comments and they will not be published.

I will be listing some more things for sale as I get them out and photographed. I also have movie versions and other small, unique collectibles, most of which are book based, not musical based.

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