Friday, August 24, 2012

In Which the Author is bummed out over this last section

Yeah, I'm still working on this one new section to get it done, then I can go back and get Honor all refitted and gussied up and made readable. At least in a way I'd want to have seen in public. But damn if this last section isn't a downer.

I mean sure, I've written about some really unfortunate parts of history in this series (don't want to spoil them here), but this current section is a downer unlike the rest of them. It's the ultimate "don't ask how sausages are made" moment for me. But it needs to get written, because it's a fundamental part of the history in the section I'm in right now. Leaving it out is not an option. But damn, history, you depressing.

I swear it's enough for me to sell everything and go live on an island somewhere. I'm reminded of that quote from 1776 when Col. McEwan says (of Congress, as he's told to go fetch a dying comrade to help win the final vote for independence), "what a bastardly bunch we are."

Yes. Yes, we are.

Back to work.


  1. Replies
    1. seriously.

      On the bright (?) side though, I think just by writing what a crappy situation it was it's helped me put it into the good old "historical context" box for things we don't like to think about that happened.

      Also weirdly enough I actually had a dream about the books last night, so even my subconscious is telling me "GET ON WITH IT!!" :-)

      (eta, I really do know how this whole "reply" thing works, really I do :-/ )

    2. also, finished my 50k on Nano. Not happy with any of it but it's done so I'm setting it aside and getting back to Honor. Which is what I wanted to do in the first place XD

      Ready steady write.

    3. Huge grats for that!

      And that is awesome, I love it when I have dreams of books. It happens so infrequently.

      Are you going to have anything awesome after the "history is awful" section to cheer a reader up any? D:

    4. well, I don't know about awesome. The "history is awful" is the setup for the whole second half of the book. So anything awesome will be in there I guess XD