Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In Which the Author declares it's too damn hot to work

Sorry I've been quiet this month. I wish I could say it was because I was working (either day job or Book) but I'll be honest and quote one of my favorite movies: "Gentlemen, the chair declares that it's too damn hot to work!"*

Wouldn't you know it, all this free time and the heat turns my brains to mush. I've gotten some work done on Inferno but I really do believe it's just words on page, nothing I'm going to be keeping. So I have turned my attention to working on Honor to get that sucker out the door STAT.

Some of the things I'm working on, everyone's favorite parts, the Long Hugoesque Explanationary Bits. But this time hopefully I've got one that people might actually not want to skip over. Because it's really fascinating. And also I've had to order a couple of books off Amazon to help with the research. Also another one that's a total bear (or two bears and a wolverine) to research because it's so convoluted no one else wants to write about it either. Except Dickens, and he was a jerk that way XD So we'll see how much fudging I can get away with on that part. ;-)

Meanwhile, still thinking/working on Zazzle store. Really hoping to have that up in the next month or so. Also I'm taking someone's (good) advice and opening a similar store on Cafepress. Because according to her, there are people who care which store they buy stuff at. So, with a little crossover between them, things will become available to buy. Very soon now. Seriously.

*from 1776, of course.


  1. It's been cool and rainy here, but I've definitely been in the too hot to work situation in the past few months so I completely understand.

    Looking forward to seeing the zazzle/cafepress stores (Obviously I'm not in the know, I had no idea people chose sides), and I'm really intrigued by this fascinating bit of exposition!

    1. well July and August are really lousy months for the high desert, temps over 100 for 30+ days straight, super dry except in the afternoon big thunderheads form that then refuse to actually produce any rain. And this last two weeks we've been up in the 105-110 area. But the worst is almost over.

      And I know everyone in the humid parts of the country is breaking out the tiny violins because 110 in a dry heat is actually more comfortable than 90 in high humidity (been there too). But I'm old and cranky, so yeah XD