Monday, July 23, 2012

In Which the Author warms up for August

As if August weren't already warm enough. :-P

So I took a couple weeks off from looking at Honor to let it kind of cool down, and now I'm going back doing some very preliminary edits, which is a) spellcheck, because writing fast means wording sloppy, and b) expanding on some parts that were barely fleshed in at that time. That's my usual way of doing things, on the second pass through I'll add on, layer, explain, flesh out... and then the next time I'll make more changes, edits, add some things... and then after that I'll go between adding to add... at some point I'll reach a place where it looks like some needs to be subtracted. That's when the hard editing starts happening. I don't so much carve out a book from marble as I do sculpt it on a wheel. Throw the clay, shape. Throw more clay, shape. Too much? Start paring and shape more. And so on.

As with former books there are new locations to explore, and those are the most intensive parts requiring by far the most research, not just into the locations themselves, but also the history, cultural aspects, geography (maps! I need moar maps!) and events that are taking place concurrently with the story. Because no matter where they go there's something going on. And the neat thing is that it fits together like a jigsaw puzzle whether I plan it to or not. Most of what's come up in the first part of Honor fit very nicely in with what has happened in earlier books, where I had thought I was done with the earlier stuff, it just comes right back into the storyline. Sometimes I even entertain myself :-)

But starting work on Inferno is not going to be as difficult as I thought it might be under these conditions; while I'm still working around Honor I know where I want to start with on Inferno and where it goes from there. Inferno may even be (gasp!) shorter than the three doorstops in the middle. But we'll see how well that works. Some whole new subplot may decide to smack me upside the head. Lord knows that's happened before...

Okay, done checking in. Next time: a small treat. Way back in 2000 when the first book was being written, there were some grand plans that fell through. I found some of it a while ago in an archived disk. I'll share it with you. Needless to say at this point I'm glad it did fall through, because if not, the books would have come out... well, different... but not in a good way.

eta: found these, was amused by them, probably 15 years old or more. One day I'll do it better.

Javert, Fantine, Valjean

aka "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves"

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