Monday, July 2, 2012

In Which the Author throws a hat over the fence

Just a quick July note. From this point forward this blog will be the main outlet for me unless I decide to create a personal one, but honestly I have a hard enough time keeping up with the ones I have. So, basically, between this and Twitter, that's the extent of my online presence.

If you're here from Livejournal, welcome. Glad to have you around.

Meanwhile, trying not to think about writing Inferno next month, so I'm distracting myself by looking at all the old notes for Honor I have lying around and realizing how much buffing up the draft is going to need. Yay for me.

Oh and three more days for the Kickstarter. After that I'll be working on setting up one for Indiegogo unless the backer fairy smites me with the magic wand in the next 72 hours. But I can promise you that campaign will wait until September. No way am I doing Nano and a fundraiser over the same month again. Seriously. What was I thinking?

Meanwhile amusing myself with the Major Arcana list I found. Some of which are no longer relevant since the characters went and became something else when I wasn't looking (looks like this list was written while I was still doing Sanctuary!) But the most obvious are:

8: le fort (strength) - Jean Valjean
11: la justice (justice) - Javert
15: le diable (the devil) - Thenardier

Any guesses as to the rest of them? Just wondering...

PS: Also need a vote. The closer I get the more I wonder about the last volume. So, opinions: should book 6 be titled Requiem?

or Revelations?


  1. I never did learn myself much about tarot, but that's what Wikipedia is for! ...Woah, Strength and Justice's positions are sometimes swapped? That is just five dozen kinds of perfect.

    - The Lovers are obviously Cosette and Marius.
    - The Hermit makes me think of the old Conventionist - but I don't know if you're doing only characters alive "now" in PauC, or if all of Les Mis' characters are on the table.
    - Would the Chariot be Enjolras? (I admit I'm pretty much 'meh' about all the barricade boys.)
    - Maybe the Hanged Man is Bishop Myriel, then? Since I'm just going off quick glances at the wikipedia article I don't know if any of my guesses are actually appropriate or not.
    - Going by the listed symbolism, Death could be Petit Gervais and Champmatieu, together.
    - I'm also guessing Fantine for the Empress, then.
    - Having trouble with the High Priestess; maybe Sister Simplice? Wait, no, I've got it - instead of a character for that card, it should be, wrote very small, a dissertation about the nuns of Petit-Picpus and the worth of convents in modern society. Ideally this card would be played immediately after a cliffhanger of some sort.
    - Haha, the Tower might be a barricade.
    - Temperance could be Pierre Abelard.

    That's all my guesses for now, it's getting late. XD

    As far as the last volume goes, I couldn't cast an good vote without knowing anything about the plot, going in. But that would be spoilers! Hmm, though. "Requiem" sounds more foreboding and sad, perhaps appropriate if Valjean (and Javert) finally go to rest then. Also better fits that burning candle theme on the covers, perhaps? (I don't want it to end~!) "Revelations" sounds more dramatic, as if some sudden story arc we've only yet seen hints of finds its culmination.

    I guess my vote goes with "Requiem" because it sounds like the sort of thing that would go with a satisfying (though sad ;_; )conclusion. (And it also gets my vote because "Revelations" is the title of the fourth game in the Myst series, which I've owned for 8 years and still haven't beaten - BUT if it means J and JVJ will still be alive at the end please name it "Revelations" instead!!)

    1. well actually, with the exception of the ones named and Marius and Cosette there really aren't any other LMOC in there. Everyone else is PauCOC. But for a LM themed tarot deck, that's pretty fair...

    2. Oh, whoops, I was totally in Brick-mode, wasn't I?

    3. So, I finally had time to sit down and ponder out my guesses. I'm bound to be interpreting things completely wrong, and also I haven't met all your characters yet, but here goes!

      1: The Magician - Mere Adele ?
      2: The High Priestess - Mignon ?
      4: The Emperor - Vicomte de Veraux
      5: The Hierophant - Velasquez
      9: The Hermit - Rene Deveraux
      10: Wheel of Fortune - the Pont-au-Change ?
      12: The Hanged Man - Marcel Beaulieu
      13: Death - the rose garden in London ?
      14: Temperance - Miss Gardener ?
      16: The Tower - The Eponine
      17: The Star - Mrs. Nichols ?
      19: The Sun - the twins?
      20: Judgement - Pierre Abelard