Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Which the Author says Okay

Yeah, so that didn't fund. I'm not the biggest optimist to begin with but I was surprised how well it did anyway.

So I'm going to be trying again in September. That way it won't interfere with working on Inferno in August. So, yay! On both counts.

Meanwhile (since we didn't get enough backers to unlock it) I'll post you a pic we were adding to the donation prints, by Melanie B. It's a pic from Sanctuary, aptly titled "Against the Wind"

And of course if anyone else would like to contribute a picture to the print pool which it has become, please let me know. At this rate we'll have enough to make a calendar out of :-D (yeah probably not happening but it amuses me to think about it)

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and pledged, and tweeted, and posted to Facebook, and everything. I'll do better next time.

Next on the agenda: start rewrites on Honor, and prep for Inferno in August.

"It may stop, but it never ends" -- Matt Howarth


  1. How neat, that pic! I really admire people who can draw.

    The rest of this year is full of PauC things for me to look forward to. So, yay!

  2. that's so cool! I love pictures,it gives a great visual from your novel.

    1. I agree. Pictures are great. These books were originally going to be illustrated. But it kind of fell through.