Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Which the Author takes a mallet to her manuscripts

No matter how many eyes you have looking on a manuscript, there's always something.

And we're finding them. Lots of somethings. Like a freaking literary whack-a-mole game. Hence the mallet.

Here's the thing: the print versions of the series were edited and formatted for PDF, which I am not allowed to use, but the word files I used to submit to the conversions originally apparently did not have the final changes. I'm finding discrepencies between the print volumes and the master files I created for Smashwords that, barring a side by side reading (and yeah, 500,000 words so far, not happening) I will never be able to find all of them.

So we're going through bit by bit and cleaning up all the manuscripts of all the tense issues, the double words, the missing spaces. If you've already downloaded a copy of any of the books fret not; you can always download a newer version that you've paid for. I am noting version numbers in the e-books and describing what edits were done (formatting, corrections, what have you). Of course you can also keep the earlier versions.

We have been reading these on the computer, or as I prefer to edit, printed out on actual paper. But it's only when looking at them in the confines of my e-reader that I'm finding things that my eyes skipped over.

By the end of the month, once I get the Camp Nanowrimo thing done and I'm not pushing myself to write new material, I can take July and work on edits and proofing. Because August is another book, so that's my only chance.

Thanks to all the beta readers and extra sets of eyes helping me out on this. If ever there was a demonstration why I need the Kickstarter to be successful--to be able to hire someone to professionally work these books over--this would be it.

Whack. Whack whackkity whack.

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