Saturday, June 2, 2012

In Which the Author hates to wait for things

So, it's four days early but screw it I'm tired of waiting. It's worse than Christmas.

Pont-au-Change Volume II: Sanctuary is now live.

Here's hoping Adrift goes up on the 6th but if I miss that date I won't worry so much.

Nanoing the rest of Honor is working so far! Please follow my progress here and I've even posted a small excerpt.


  1. Holy crap I almost choked to death with excitement

    I'm so happy! I can't even form coherent thoughts right now. Yay!!!

    1. thank you ^_^ don't spend it all in one place...

    2. Couldn't put it down - and finished on Barricade Day, too! Thank you again for a wonderful time. ^^

      And, please again forgive my presumption, but might I email you any typos I might have caught on my way through your story?

    3. dang, that was quick!

      I'm reading through it on my Kindle and I'm finding things I missed too. There's always something :-/ Please do send them along, I'll email you my main address (not the website one, that one has issues) to make it easier.