Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Which the Author has some ongoing Issues

First off, I've (temporarily) removed the donation link on the page. First because I'm in the final stages of getting a Kickstarter started, and I'd rather drive any money in that direction, and second, because Paypal is effing me up yo. Because of an ebay transaction that six months later someone decides to dispute on their credit card, my Paypal account is tied up with money that is not there until they decide what to do about it. Any money going through Paypal right now will just be caught up in a dragnet (dum da dum dum DUMMMM) and no sense leaving it there for them to collect interest on while I can't get to it. So.

(and btw, Kickstarter is done through Amazon Payments, so take that Paypal)

I will keep you updated as soon as I know anything. Meanwhile looking into other donation options.

But I'm > this < close never to selling on Ebay again, I swear. Those buyers are crazy.

In other news, Nano is going well, have completed 10k of new work on Honor that really really needs editing, you bet, but it's on the page so there. And in sports, Sanctuary has been reloaded on Smashwords because the Author wrote something really stupid and took out the whole paragraph rather than try to fix it. It reads better without it, but dayam stupid writer is stupid. I won't tell you what it is. I'm just embarrassed and need to have my researching credentials revoked. If you bought one already you can download the updated version. Please do.

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