Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Which the Author has Good News and Gooder News

Good news: Adrift goes live tomorrow (the 6th of June, perfect timing!) Or rather, the traditional launch time, 1am local time.

Gooder news: my proposal for a Kickstarter campaign has been approved. My goal is small, but it will cover reissuing the books in print in all new shiny editions and the relaunch of the poor old neglected website, also restored to shiny goodness.

When I get the Kickstarter kickstarted, which will ALSO be at 1am on June 6, I will post here and link to it. It's not just a donation drive; it's a donation and you get SWAG drive! E books, the new print editions, t-shirts, mini prints, and more! And you also get to look at the video I made. I'm a little proud of how it came out :-)

More later. Meanwhile, I'm imputing last few correx on Adrift for the launch. I'm sure after I download it and read it I'll find stuff I didn't see the first thirty seven times I read it through, but (and here's an incentive to donate to the Kickstarter if there ever was one) the goal I set includes hiring a professional editor to go over the manuscripts and really give them a workout. Not that I don't appreciate the beta readers and proofers who over the years have helped me out, because I do, but honestly, it's time to get a professional to get their hands on them.

Also: if you're not following my Camp Nanowrimo progress, shame on you you can follow it here, and also every week I will be posting a new excerpt from Honor, all new, never before read. So it's worth it. Because the book is getting written and the wheels of progress are turning again. Hooray!

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