Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Which the Author gets donations of a different sort

So I've now had two different people offer to donate prints to use for the Kickstarter campaign as backer rewards. Along with the original print offered, that makes three! This is great! And I'm working on an idea of my own too, something a little different. Things are being made!

The question has also been raised, if I don't make the goal, will I still do the prints? Oh, definitely. Prints and postcards will be produced. They will be used as promotional giveaways and, when the books get printed (even if the Kickstarter fails the books will get made, it will just cost me personally a lot more to see it done--the Kickstarter is to offset what otherwise would be out of pocket expense for me) will be offered as inclusions.

So, even though things are kind of quiet on the Kickstarter front right now, things are still happening. Everyone knows the middle of the book is always the slowest, and it's toward the end that things pick up speed and get exciting. I've been told that Kickstarter projects tend to work the same way. So, thumbs up and keep plugging.


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    1. Heeee, I'm going to have a wall full of Les Mis art after all this, and it's going to make me so happy.