Saturday, June 30, 2012

In Which the Author did it

Honor is done. A day early.

Final word count on the 2/3 of the book I did this month: 122,125. So probably tops out close to 200k total. Another brick in the bookshelf. Will let it sit a few days and then start printing out and picking apart.

But: first draft to bed. And so am I.


  1. Congratulations!!

    That is perfectly awesome, and calls for celebration of some sort.

    1. So, I doubt J and JVJ will ever wind up in Jamaica, but I celebrated anyway by going out to this place called Reggae Shack and having sweet plantains, fried breadfruit, and the TVP Mince Special.

      Thought you'd like to know. :D

    2. LOL yeah, that's a place they're not going. Although they've been damn near everywhere else so far.

      (although f yeah plantains XD)

      Me, I'm celebrating with a long hot bath and a good night's sleep. ^_^

    3. (plantaaaaaains!)

      A most excellent celebration choice, that, too!

  2. Nano was how I got the first draft of my novel done. Great job! I know the feeling of "YEAH!" Now celebrate! The time to pick apart will come after the dizzying relief has worn off. :)