Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Which the Author dances around the campfire nekkid

Well, you would too if:

1) Adrift went up tonight! It's here! Unfortunately that means that until I finish Honor, there'll be no more releases like this, so make it last!


2) the Kickstarter campaign begins! So we can raise money to make print books of the series again, redesign and relaunch the website, and oh by the way once the volumes I'm doing now get done, they'll also go into print. And I can hire a professional editor and someone to design the print volumes for publication!

If you don't know what Kickstarter is, it's really simple. It's like public television. There's a goal amount for whatever you're doing. People pledge amounts that they want to contribute. Depending on how much you pledge, there are rewards. In this case, at certain money levels you can get the remaining e-books when they come out (a week before anyone else does) or the print volumes. You can get t-shirts and prints. You can even, with the right amount, be IN the book. That's right, I'll put you in it! But not the way you think.

Anyway, the thing that makes this different from public television is that if at the end of the pledge period (in this case, one month) you don't reach your goal, you get NONE of the money. It's okay to go over, but if you don't make your projected amount, it's as much fun as spending a night in Montfermeil.

So, if you want to pledge and by doing so get yourself some awesome swag, stop on by the Kickstarter page. Here's the link! Don't forget to laugh at my painfully amateur video.

oh and 3) don't forget to cheer me on writing Honor at CampNanoWrimo. Because otherwise you'll never know what happens next :-D

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