Friday, June 22, 2012

In Which the Author checks in

Yep, still writing. Yep, still working on Kickstarter campaign. Lamenting again I tried to do both in the same month. It's got about two weeks to go and I'm not totally giving up but it's slowed down to a crawl and apparently Kickstarter only puts the cool trendy projects on the front page image montage, so, doesn't look like they're going to be showing it to any potential new backers. I am so frustrated with their attitude I can't even. I mean I understand them featuring the ones that they want to feature, but the huge map of video images? Would it kill them to make it random to give smaller projects a chance to get noticed? Apparently so.

I'm not totally giving up, as I said, but I'm going to formulate a backup plan, because as we all know I think in worst case scenarios.

Speaking of which, you all know I've been sick for the better part of a year. Still no word on what's causing it, but I've been set up for some tests. The kind of tests they give you after the preliminary ones. The kind where they tell you, "we found something, but it's probably nothing to worry about." Yeah, see above paragraph about how I deal with that kind of stuff. 

Meanwhile I'm still writing. That at least hasn't changed. And the book is getting done. As for the rest, we'll cross fingers and etc.

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