Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In which the Author throws a postile over the prison wall

Just a quick update:

both Sanctuary and Adrift are ready to go barring any last minute edits. Just waiting for covers to be made, which requires money for covers. I'm selling some stuff on Ebay so hopefully by next week I'll have enough to get those done. Then both books will be released simultaneously. I'm going to have them published on June 6, because der-hey why else.

I found a treasure trove of old Honor and Inferno notes I thought I'd lost. I'm sifting through them now. I'm not so far behind on those as I thought originally. Requiem is a little sketchy. I know the beginning and the middle and the end, but nothing concrete to mortar them together with. Hopefully the plot fairy will send a nice big anvil to drop on my head. I am still going all out to get this series done this year. For sure.

Since, y'know, apocalypse and all that. Right?


  1. I just stumbled across your stuff via your pontauchange site (I'd been looking for Les Mis illustrations), and I am so very happy that I did! Read through the preview of "Resurrections" on Smashwords, was hooked, bought the ebook, and now I'm devouring it.

    My delight at your story so far is mingled with the sad 'unticipation' I feel when every turn of a page brings me closer to the end. ;_;

    I am looking forward with great excitement to the releases of the next books in the series!!

    1. Hello and welcome!

      Sorry the website's still such a mess :-( Trying to teach myself Wordpress to redo the thing. At least the illustration gallery functions! And if you know of any illustrations that can be added to the database please let me know!

      Also, if you like Resurrections, please feel free to write a review of it on the Smashwords site. Or even if you don't like it ;-) Every little bit of press helps. It's been so long since the first books came out that most of the fanbase has moved on. I'm hoping the new formats will rectify that.

      Thanks again for your purchase, and hope to see you again in June when Sanctuary and Adrift go live. Then you'll be as caught up as the rest of us.

    2. I will be more than happy to review it on Smashwords once I've finished it. :D

      Perhaps with the new movie coming out, there might occur a small influx of new fans who also decide to read the Brick, finish it dissatisfied by how miserably it ends, and go out looking for related fiction and fanfiction...? It's certainly a possibility!

      (I doubt I can suggest any additions to the illustration collection, though - your site was the first hit when googling "les mis illustrations", and I pretty much stopped there. It seemed very thorough! I'm now going through and educating myself with your media comparisons.)

    3. I've read "Resurrections" twice now and am happily starting a third read. Thank you so much for publishing it!

      My overall feeling about the book is quite clearly joy. There were mere handful of typos, and out of over a hundred thousand words that's no big deal. The only thing I really hated was the bit about Mere Jeanne trapping cats... that sort of thing really bothers me a great deal. She was obviously a villain, and it's a work of fiction, and perhaps I should have been more bothered by her use for the boys, but still. It's just one of my triggers. :(

      Anyway. Still very excited about the upcoming releases. Will the .pdf versions of the next books include the cover art? Obviously I was able to download the cover of "Resurrections" from the Smashword's page, but since I don't have an ebook-reading device, .pdf is my format of choice, and the cover wasn't included with that format of "Resurrections". Just a niggling nitpick of a question.

    4. re: the covers, I did not know that they were not available with the PDF version. I will be sure to make the covers available for download either here or on the main website; the first cover is already posted on the main site at if you just right click on the picture, choose "view picture," then increase size and then rt-click save.

      re: Mére Jeanne: yeah she's pretty over the top, and yeah, bad things happening to cats is a thing with me too, but it's so totally not out of character for her and unfortunately not out of step with the times and mores.

      re: the typos, argh! Please let me know what and where they are, the best thing about having e-books is that they can always be updated. Although I am of course required to keep one typo in the book to satisfy the printing gods.

    5. Theresa: I did get your following post, I will fix those. Please email any future typos to me directly, rather than post them to comments. Thanks!

    6. Ah, I'm so sorry. >< It didn't occur to me.

    7. no problem ^_^ thanks for the help! I had to print off an old file rather than the original book PDF, so any help I can get finding these is most welcome!