Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In which the Author takes a moment to enjoy things, UPDATED

Quickie update part deux:

I got enough money together to get the next two covers done (well not really, but if I tighten the belt a notch or two more it shouldn't be a problem); I've seen the preliminaries and I love them! Of course they will be posted on the website when the books go live. For now, I'm just going oooooooooo.
UPDATE: Covers are done! She works so fast and they're so nice, when viewed together the books really do appear like the set piece I've always imagined them to be... Okay, enough drooling, carry on...
Books are totally on track to go live on Javert's suicide day (June 6, which long time readers will know is one of the Pont-au-Change quarter days, along with Javert's birthday on July 20, Valjean's birthday on December 14, and Marius and Cosette's wedding anniversary on February 19. Nearly all releases of books or other updates are generally scheduled to occur on one of these days, just saying.)

Also, for the first time in a few years, I've actually completed three whole chapters of Honor. Brand new chapters, not rewriting old ones or finishing ones left uncompleted. I did these in the past three days. Which doesn't sound like much by themselves, but they were some pretty important chapters, so, three cheers and a tiger for me! Three chapters down means three chapters closer to finishing the darn thing. I can't believe it's taking longer to write this one than it took me to write Adrift. Especially since the Ouroborous section of Adrift went through three. separate. drafts. Yikes.

So things are still looking up for everyone but the actual characters in the book, basically. After all it ain't called Les Hereuseables for a reason.

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