Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Which the Author reprints some lyrics which may be of interest to Someone

I wrote this in the Nanawrimo forums a few years ago but I think it's still hilarious, so... (and yeah I know it's June, not November, but I'm not switching the words around.)

Sing along if you know it! Or even if you don't!

Valjean: One day more
Another shot at Nano history,
This never ending road to victory
My plans are set, my goal I know,
There's fifty thousand words to go...

One day more...

Marius: I only registered today
I have no clue, it's all uncharted

Valjean: One day more

Marius and Cosette: Tomorrow seems a ways away
Across the date line, they have started

Eponine: One more day, I'm on my own
Marius and Cosette: (where's my desk thesaurus gone?)
Eponine: With my notebook and my laptop
Marius and Cosette: (it was here, I swear it was)
Eponine: And my "don't disturb me" sign
Marius and Cosette: (How'd it get under my chair?)
Eponine: Thirty days of this to go...

Enjolras: One more day before the storm
Marius: (Do I write what's in my head?)
Enjolras: On the laptop in the kitchen
Marius: (Do I throw my outline out?)
Enjolras: As the words begin to form
Marius: (Do I take a walk outside?)
Enjolras: Will you write your books with me?

The time is now! The day is here!

Valjean: One Day More

Javert: I will add these Nano buddies, I will follow what they do
I will try to match their output, I will stay here till it's through!

Thenardiers: Type the little keys till your fingers bleed
Nothing's half as easy if you don't proofread
Wasn't there a plot half an hour ago
Just throw in some zombies, make the bunnies grow

Enjolras: One day to a new beginning
Students: (Raise the freak flag banners high!)
Enjolras: Fifty thousand words to go
Students: (fifty thousand words to go!)
Enjolras: Every time we think to stop
Students: (every time we think to stop)
Enjolras: Chris's emails tell us no

Marius: My place is here, I write with you!

Valjean: One day more!

Marius and Cosette: We only registered today
Eponine: I'm trying to write, leave me alone
Marius and Cosette: December First seems worlds away
Enough delay, we'd best get started

Valjean: One day more!

Thenardiers: Don't know why we work, last year was more fun
c&ped the forums, then declared we'd won
claimed a billion words, none of them our own
they can't call us cheaters but our karma's pwned*

Valjean: One day more!

Javert: I have fifty writing dares now
And the forum servers crashed
Think I'll spend awhile on LJ
Till the site's back up at last

Valjean: Tomorrow we'll be on the way
Tomorrow is the judgement day

All: Tomorrow Nanowrimos all around the world will score:
One more word, one more day
One More Won!

*referred to the moron one year whose "novel" was to Ctrl C and V all the Nano forums into a word processor and submitted it to the counter.

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