Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Which the Author needs some help with a question UPDATED

Long time ago someone sent me this awesome piece of PauC fan art. My first fan art! And it's awesome. It's the pivotal moment of Resurrections, and the expressions on both of them are just flat out perfect.

However, I do not know who did this art, and it is not signed, and while I did at the time get permission to use it on the website before, I would like to be able to properly credit the artist.

So if you are, or know, the person who did this, please let me know. Thanks!

UPDATE: After searching through the entire of my old disks (of course it was on the last place I looked) I found the email from the artist regarding this artwork. Her name is Noel Dwyer. The picture was "inked in ballpoint pen and colored in photoshop." And also she graciously gives me license to "do whatever (I) want with it."

Noel, if you ever get back to me, I have some e-books and stuff for you. This picture has brought me eight years worth of squee. Seriously. Merci mille fois.


  1. I spent all day trawling the Mizzy waters at deviantArt (to my lasting pleasure!), but didn't manage to find it there, nor any other Les Mis fanart in a similar style.

    Do you have any other clues to help?

    1. nope, I did a TinEye search and got bupkus myself.

      I'm going to have to back through the old old OLD archives to the letter column and see if I can find the one I printed when she sent me the pic.

      My reason for asking about the pic is that I'd like to be able, when I get the Kickstarter kicked off, to offer prints/postcards of this fantastic image as part of the rewards package. But I want to secure permission to reproduce it first, because yeah.

    2. I hope you find it, for sure! (Because prints of that would be awesome.)

      I'll keep poking around - if nothing else, I'm getting to enjoy a lot of very nice art as a result. ^^

  2. Hi Arlene -

    I'm the artist of the Valjean & Javert picture you were asking about. Apparently the blog entry worked, because someone tracked down my Deviantart page and messaged me. (It's at - not particularly easy to find, as there isn't any Les Miserables there.)

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the picture!