Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Which the Author makes a teensy change in scheduling

It's been pointed out to me that releasing the e-book versions of Sanctuary and Adrift simultaneously will a) not allow the last beta readers to get Adrift done before they go live, which means b) the book will go out without that extra editing and c) sending it, as it was pointed out, "dirty" will not be professional and relying on the ability to just "upload a cleaner version later" is lazy. Well, yeah, so am I, but anyway, she has a point. So.

Therefore, Sanctuary goes live on June 6, the day we celebrate the anniversary of when Javert goes in Seine. (wait for it...)

Adrift will go up by the first of July, or, if absolutely necessary, on Javert's birthday (July 20). I mean it's not like there isn't something else important to celebrate that day or anything, right?

Meanwhile Honor is still on track to be finished by the end of June (knock on every available wood product surface) but that's first draft. No way to know when it will be good enough to get bookified. But since the first half has been already extensively edited and filtered, hopefully it won't take as long as a whole book would.

Also, re: the Kickstarter campaign? Still working on the presentation. Believe me, when I get that done and running, you'll know.


  1. Aw. That totally makes sense, but still, I am wearing my disappointed face. ;_;

    1. yes, but a) Sanctuary is twice as long as Resurrections and b) you wouldn't read two books at a time, I hope? XD

    2. a) Yay! and b) I admit I stayed up all night to finish the last of Resurrections, so I guess it's better for my health that I'm forced to pace the next two out rather than make a back-to-back marathon of it. The instant-gratification lobe of my brain will just have to wait, I guess. ;_;