Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Which the Author has a sneak preview

Yep, it just posted: the first trailer for the musical movie of Les Mis. Reactions of the PauC cast are below...

Well, Javert is yelling at the screen "Get a shave you hippie!*"
while the rest of the cast is going "Not bad, not bad at all"
and René Devereaux is going, "Wait, you guys can sing?"

and Hugo is plugging his ears and going "lalalalalala I can't hear you" because he HATED music and refused to allow anyone to "make an opera of his book" during his lifetime.

*I'm pretty sure that's not the exact word he used but that's the gist of it


  1. It's shallow of me, I know, but I really am dismayed that Russel Crowe doesn't appear to have sideburns in this. They're just so intrinsic to my mental image of the character. (I also can't figure out why they *wouldn't* have had him in the 'burns. It seems like they went to great lengths to make other stuff true to the era and the show and the book. Why not Javert's facial hair?) :(

    Everything else looks really exciting, though. (And I'm really looking forward to the Colm Wilkinson cameo!)

    1. Exactly! Where are the frigging Sideburns of +6 Detection? How will he ever find Valjean without them?

  2. I was just wondering what you, and the PauC crowd, thought of the big trailer release!

    Put me down as another person missing the sideburns and wondering why they weren't included.