Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Which the Author celebrates a milestone

I have finished a whole section of Honor. Granted it was halfway done when it was stopped back in 2007-ish, but it's now done. At least the first draft of it. I'll be cleaning and polishing and tinkering with it between now and the release, obviously. But the point is, it's done. I figure I put in about 10,000 words in the last few days.

My next goal is to finish the other unfinished section that I skipped over. Once I get that done and it's all caught up then I can complete the other half of Honor.

I discovered a few days ago that in a fit of I don't know what, I was going to break Honor into two volumes, the other called "Allegiance" or some sort. That is no longer the case. There are six books. Six very large paving stones worth of books. So, yeah.

I'm not sure how this writing is going to mesh with and/or interfere with my Camp Nano plans. I have reserved June for book 5 (Inferno) and August for book 6 (Requiem) which doesn't leave much room to finish book 4, does it? But still, the more I write, the easier the next ones will be to add onto.

I've also been mulling over the old way of doing things, from the original site, where I would post each section as they were completed for free, and then when the whole book was done I'd take the sections offline and send them to press. This way of doing things is not going to be a good business model from here on out. Considering that the e-books are much less expensive than the print versions, I don't have enough reason to be posting the entire thing for free electronically. However, I will be putting up random chapters for a sample. And you can always get the first 10-15% of the books as a free sample anyway from the publisher. So, while the days of the free lunch are done, there's still an appetizer tray I'll be passing around.

Not to mention the fact that the books will contain extras. Adrift has the "alternate beginning" version special feature. Honor will have the extra Christmas short story (not the beginning bit already posted about Boxing Day; that's a whole 'nother Christmas bit), even though it really doesn't appear in canon and the timing makes it confusing as to where in the story it would go (although I will say, if someone can figure it out, I'll make it canon). And we'll see about the last two books.

So there we are. Back to writing. I'm home sick again so, may as well Write Moar.

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  1. It's awful that you're still sick, but at least you're able to be productive while at home. Still, I hope it passes and you feel better soon.

    I was a little late for the free chapters way of doing things so I bought all three volumes and devoured them, but it sounds completely reasonable to not put up the whole book electronically, especially now that they will be in e-book form. A few preview chapters are fun, but I'm happier to wait and read a whole book at once anyway.

    I'm looking forward to the extras as well!