Monday, April 30, 2012

In which the Author makes a decision about earlier questions

So awhile back I mentioned a part that was supposed to be in Honor but I was wondering if it was too farfetched? Well guess what, I found the paper copy of that scene that I'd written (I no longer have the original text file apparently) and reread it, and discovered why that scene was there in the first place. And if I may say so, it totally rocked.

It's a great sign when you reread something you wrote a while back and you like it. I cannot tell you how stoked that makes me. First time in a long time I felt like it wasn't at the dead end I thought it was.

I'm going to spend a day this week putting it back in the text file and then finishing up the section. It's out of order with the rest of what's done but it really wants to be finished now and I can't wait to get back to these guys.

Meanwhile Sanctuary is still being worked on; all I have to do is put in the file the links between the chapters and the directory so you can navigate through it. I also have to come up with the $32 for the cover to the second book. I can publish it coverless but it won't be available at any of the major outlets if I don't (like Amazon, B&N, Sony, Apple, etc), only at Smashwords. I could always add one later but I would prefer to have it done pretty and right the first time.

Unless someone wants to donate me $32 for the cover lol yeahright

New question! When Honor is done, should it be Honor, or Honour? Just wondering...

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