Monday, March 19, 2012

In which new technologies are embraced

So, I got a Kindle. Used, but it's nice. And has buttons. And the first thing I did was search "free books" on Kindle's store and got a bunch of classics (including Les Misérables, but I'm not sure yet which translation it is) and then I uploaded the two PDFs I have of the Pont-au-Change books, for Sanctuary and Adrift (I have NO idea whatever happened to the PDF for Resurrections) and they look pretty good, but small type.

So here's what I'm doing. Since technically IUniverse owns the PDFs of the books so I can't publish using them, I can redo the PDFs from my original files and then publish them as e-books. So that people can read them again. And I can start earning some income from them again. Because the life I'm living now is not the life I want to keep living.

It's time for me to start doing what I love to do and stop making excuses for not doing it.

Time for me to draw out a dragon or two.

To understand what that means, I suggest you go here and see. It will be worthwhile.

Here we go.

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