Saturday, March 24, 2012

In which the Author is Pleased to Announce

that Resurrections has been resurrected! Uncork the champagne!

It's live, right now, on Smashwords. It may take a few days for it to start showing up on actual e-sites like Amazon and Apple, but you can bypass the wait and download your copy in any format (Nook, Apple, Sony, Kindle, PDF for the computer, you name it) right now, by following this handy link:

And here's the lovely cover I got for the new version!

The first volume is only 2.99 per download! The other ones are much bigger books so those'll probably be 3.99, but the first one is so cheap it's almost free! (Especially compared to the highway robbery prices IUnivese was putting on the print versions)

Thank you everyone reading this. Your good thoughts and well wishes helped a lot to make this possible!

And now, onto formatting Sanctuary! Which will be out in April!

But first, some hot chocolate and a well deserved nap :-)


  1. Fantastic news, congratulations! I've got my own lovely hard copy, but this is great to know so I can recommend it to others!

    1. Yes, please, spread the word! Much cheaper than the print ones and a lot easier to get your hands on!