Sunday, March 25, 2012

In which the Author goes all in

I have decided, once I get the first three books converted to e-book format, to sell off my last remaining (personal) set of the print version Pont-au-Change books. Because I'm redoing them for print later this year with all new covers (and some minor re-editing). I'd like to sell them as a set, but, if someone is missing one of the volumes, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I have one full set of books 1-3 (Resurrections, Sanctuary, and Adrift) and one extra copy of Adrift. It will be a month or so before I'm ready to part with them, so, if you're interested, speak up. I don't know what the prices are yet, I'll see what I feel like doing, or make an offer.

I've started formatting Sanctuary already. Now that I have the hang of it, it should go much faster than the first one. I'll post right before it goes live (I'll have a few days' delay because I'll need to get another cover done)

Looks like I'm well on track to have all three existing books in e-book form by the good ol' fifth of June!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

In which the Author is Pleased to Announce

that Resurrections has been resurrected! Uncork the champagne!

It's live, right now, on Smashwords. It may take a few days for it to start showing up on actual e-sites like Amazon and Apple, but you can bypass the wait and download your copy in any format (Nook, Apple, Sony, Kindle, PDF for the computer, you name it) right now, by following this handy link:

And here's the lovely cover I got for the new version!

The first volume is only 2.99 per download! The other ones are much bigger books so those'll probably be 3.99, but the first one is so cheap it's almost free! (Especially compared to the highway robbery prices IUnivese was putting on the print versions)

Thank you everyone reading this. Your good thoughts and well wishes helped a lot to make this possible!

And now, onto formatting Sanctuary! Which will be out in April!

But first, some hot chocolate and a well deserved nap :-)

Friday, March 23, 2012

In which the Author is very very happy

In a few days I'll be posting the new cover to Resurrections. The person I hired to make me one for the e-book version is doing an awesome job, I can't wait to show this off.

So... that's about it. In a few days, it begins again.

Monday, March 19, 2012

In which new technologies are embraced

So, I got a Kindle. Used, but it's nice. And has buttons. And the first thing I did was search "free books" on Kindle's store and got a bunch of classics (including Les Misérables, but I'm not sure yet which translation it is) and then I uploaded the two PDFs I have of the Pont-au-Change books, for Sanctuary and Adrift (I have NO idea whatever happened to the PDF for Resurrections) and they look pretty good, but small type.

So here's what I'm doing. Since technically IUniverse owns the PDFs of the books so I can't publish using them, I can redo the PDFs from my original files and then publish them as e-books. So that people can read them again. And I can start earning some income from them again. Because the life I'm living now is not the life I want to keep living.

It's time for me to start doing what I love to do and stop making excuses for not doing it.

Time for me to draw out a dragon or two.

To understand what that means, I suggest you go here and see. It will be worthwhile.

Here we go.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

in which more excuses are offered

So, I'm still sick. Finally got an appointment with the allergist. Leaving aside the fact that his staff had some serious competency issues (whole other blog post on that one, but jeez) he did the whole "let's scratch up your back and see what reacts) test.

Then he concluded I'm allergic to my cats.

Yes, that's what he's saying. He's saying that after Émile died, the kittens I got to replace him have magically made me allergic to pets. Although I spent a few years a decade ago in a house with TEN cats (and discovered it's nawt sew gud akshully ifyouknowwhatImean) it just happens that now I suddenly got allergic.

I call bullshit. Mostly because I don't have coughing fits when they're on me, or laying next to me, or whatever. I have them pretty much any other time. So, yeah.

But whatever they prescribed me for it, it seems to be working. So, more power to it. The more I can sit and look at a computer and write, the better off we are, right?

Okay, so there's my excuses.

One more thing that happened, that actually relates to the book: I found a notebook from 2008 that had a whole section for the last part of Honor that I had forgotten about, that I'm debating if it even needs to be in there. I will put it to the two (2) subscribers and anyone else who happens to be reading this: would you hate me if I included a chapter that introduces the family of Enjolras into the mix? Specifically, say, if Marius's cousin Théodule finally got off his ass and found him a wife, and it turned out to be Enjolras's kid sister, would that be jumping the shark? Or too much in the middle of everything else going on? Or what?

(oh yeah, and it also of course involves Montrose, aka Montparnasse, in the equation. Yeah, it's a tying up a lot of loose threads idea, but is it too over the top, especially in a book that is based on another book that had so much over the top coincidence in it?)

Take your time replying. I'm not near that point where it would be in the book. I'm just asking.