Saturday, February 4, 2012

in which a conundrum already presents itself

Well, surfing back through my archive disks it appears I have more than a few versions of several of the bits of Honor that I had already finished. I'm finding myself in the same situation as I did with the second half of Adrift which went through several many oodles of permutations. Which means I have roughly the first third completed, bar a few scenes. So the only things I have to worry about is most of Australia (ha!) and what comes after that (double ha!)

No worries, as the Antipodeans say.

Yeahright, as the (uh, what is the opposite? Propodeans?) other guys say.

My goal this weekend is actually only partly concerning writing. I am moving my desk area out of  my little dining room and into a corner of the living room, because, frankly, the TV is far less of a distraction from writing than the window where I can see all the drama around me. I'm investing my tax refund in a breakfast nook and decorating it coffeehouse style. And finally putting up all my PauC ephemera on the walls and shelves.

Some may call this writing distraction. I call it foreplay. ;-)

More news when and if it happens.

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